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Report: Shannon Beador Will ‘Enter Rehab’ Following DUI Arrest

There’s a chance Shannon Beador might do the right thing in the wake of her arrest and DUI. The Real Housewives of Orange County star is now dealing with the aftermath of her decision to drive while intoxicated.

Everyone makes mistakes, but driving drunk isn’t an accident – it’s a stupid choice. You almost have to wonder how many times someone drives whilst heavily impaired before they get caught. Turns out Shannon was busted and the next steps she takes could impact her future. One option she seems to be wrestling with is entering rehab. Daily Mail has the details.

She probably needs more than “counseling”

No one is trying to say Shannon has had it easy. This woman has endured more than her fair share of hard knocks and it shows. That said, it’s no excuse for excessive drinking and then getting behind the wheel of a car. During her tenure on RHOC, Shannon has always displayed her love of alcohol – but it’s definitely time for her to add some new tools to the toolbox.

While Shannon has accepted responsibility for her actions and said she’s going to counseling, she might need more than therapy has to offer. People close to Shannon are now saying after years of ignoring friends who’ve asked her to get help for drinking, she might finally be ready to get proper help. Let’s hope so.

An insider shared, “Shannon plans to enter rehab after her DUI arrest was a huge ‘wake-up call’.” The first thing she needs to do is admit a poor relationship with alcohol, which Shannon has always been reluctant to do. This is despite the years of filmed drunken antics on RHOC.

“Shannon has spent the past several years running from her problems and she does not realize who she has turned into. Her cast mates and her friends have told her that she needs to get help, and this was before the DUI,” the source continued.

Now Shan has decisions to make. “Shannon has ‘not fully decided on if she will do in-patient treatment or out-patient, as she has a family to care for, a dog who needs her, and her work projects,” the friend said.

At this point, Shannon needs to take care of herself. What Archie “needs” is a human who isn’t going to risk his life for a stupid wallet. Her children are off at college. And I’m sure “work” can live without her while she gets help. There really is no excuse anymore.