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Mauricio Umansky Accused of Failing To Turn Over Texts in $32 Million Mansion Battle

While Mauricio Umansky dances his way towards a mirror ball trophy on Dancing With the Stars, he’s dealing with some real estate fails behind the scenes. The dreaded $32 million Malibu Mansion sale continues to haunt Mo.

The predicament started when Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue, the son of the president of oil-rich Equatorial Guinea, requested Mauricio sell the confiscated house on his behalf.

Mangue consented to sell the mansion and pay a $10 million fine to the Justice Department with a portion of the sales. Then give the remainder to nonprofits in his home country. It’s alleged Mauricio cheated the buyer and the buyer’s agent out of the sale of the manse. Mo claims in court documents that the case’s statute of limitations has run out. But that might not be working for him because now he’s been accused of not turning over texts. Oh Mauricio, tsk, tsk.

The tale of the texts

According to Radar Online, Kyle Richards’ hubby might be in more trouble. Is this why Kyle and Mo suddenly “separated”? Because now it’s giving protecting assets.

Mauricio is on the hook for defrauding an investor and his real estate agent by secretly selling the Malibu property to HIMSELF and a partner, who then resold the house a year later for a profit, according to the lawsuit.

But wait, there’s more! The buyer allegedly cheated out of the mansion sale, Sam Hakim, isn’t letting Mo off that easy. He recently filed a motion demanding Mo to hand over texts exchanged with co-buyer Mauricio Oberfeld between 2016 and 2017.

Sam’s lawyer said, “This motion is prompted by the fact that over the last several years, Umansky has stated he has no responsive Messages after July 2016. However, his cohort, Mauricio Oberfeld made a recent production that contains Messages with Umansky after July 2016.” Oop! This means Oberfeld basically dropped a dime on Mo and now the sharks are circling.

The attorney added, “Indeed, dozens of other Messages that Umansky withheld from production for three years and finally produced last October helped to establish a prima facie finding by the Court that he had defrauded the seller and United States government.”

Additionally, Sam’s legal team said Oberfeld admitted to trashing incriminating text messages. “So at least some of them cannot be obtained from another party.” Dun, dun, dunnnnnnnn.

The deleting game

“If it turns out Umansky also deleted Messages, then Hakim has a right to discover the circumstances involved with any such deletion and what steps Umansky’s counsel undertook to recover any deleted Messages,” the lawyer concluded.

This is not good news for Mauricio, his real estate firm, or his mobile phone provider. Sam claims he offered to buy the property for $40 million but was ordered not to put his offer in writing. He is currently seeking $35 million in damages. He asserts that afterward, he learned Mauricio had made tens of millions and bought the house for himself.

The broker who worked for the Umansky-owned UMRO Reality Corporation, commonly known as The Agency, assisted Oberfeld in buying the Malibu manse, according to court filings.

You guys Mauricio is in a whole situation. Could this be why he and Kyle are laying the groundwork for a divorce?