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Mauricio Umansky Attempting To Escape Trial in $32 Million Mansion Battle

It looks like you just can’t escape certain court cases no matter how hard you try. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kyle Richards might be “separated” from husband Mauricio Umansky, but Mauricio is trying to “separate” himself from an ongoing court case.

Remember back in 2019, how innocent and fresh we all were? Our RHOBH news was filled with PK Kemsely running from the Bellagio. Then little gems about Mauricio started coming out. I know you haven’t forgotten about the $32 million Malibu mansion fiasco. You know, the one involving the African nation Equatorial Guinea? Welp, it’s still ongoing and Mauricio is still trying to be done with it. Radar has the details.

The doomed Malibu Mansion transaction

The walls around Mauricio started crumbling long before Morgan Wade entered the chat. His major legal issues came about when the feds requested Mo sell a seized Malibu home belonging to Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue.

Teodoro may or may not have been familiar with taking things that didn’t exactly belong to him. He agreed to sell the home and hold $10 million of the proceeds to pay a fine from the Justice Department. The remaining funds would be donated to charity back in his homeland.

Mauricio was accused of conning an investor and the investor’s real estate agent out of the sale and turning around and selling the Malibu property a year later with a $37 million profit. Mo has filed court docs claiming the statute of limitations over this claim has expired.

Legal papers show the broker was working at UMRO Reality Corporation — (The Agency). He helped his partner Mauricio Oberfeld buy the Malibu property for the low, low price of $32 million.

Mauricio settled the case, or did he?

In 2019 Sam Hakim and his agent, Aitan Segal, went after Mauricio and Oberfeld with a suit filed in Los Angeles Superior Court for fraud and blatant self-dealing because they ALLEGEDLY did not disclose an offer of $40 million from the other broker to the seller.

Neither of the Mauricios want that smoke and are now requesting the judge to toss the combined lawsuits. Also, they believe the plaintiffs want damages on an assumption the property could have been renovated for a bigger profit.

“This claim fails as a matter of law because it is barred by the statute of limitations,” read Mauricio’s motion. “Plaintiff’s request for a constructive trust fails because it improperly seeks a speculative windfall from the redevelopment of the Property.”

It will be interesting to see if Mauricio finally gets rid of this suit. Stay tuned.