Shannon Beador
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Shannon Beador Probably Won’t Go to Jail for DUI, Here’s Why

Shannon Beador has showed us drunken messiness on The Real Housewives of Orange County for almost a decade now. It’s lucky for her that being loud and obnoxious isn’t a crime. She’s now facing two misdemeanors for drunkenly driving into a house last weekend, though. Orange is the signature color of the OC, but it looks like she probably won’t end up in an orange jumpsuit. A lawyer weighed in and said that Shannon most likely won’t end up behind bars.

This was Shannon’s first offense

Attorney Neama Rahmani isn’t involved in the case, but talked to Us Weekly about Shannon’s situation. He thinks that since this is Shannon’s first DUI, she’ll be ordered “to do some classes, some Alcoholics Anonymous, maybe, some Mothers Against Drunk Driving classes.” She might also have to blow into an interlock device to start her car next time she wants to take Archie for a traumatic ride.

Rahmani also said Shannon will probably be put on probation and pay “hefty fines and penalties.” But, she won’t end up in jail after her night of terrorizing a sleepy Newport Beach.

Shannon going to rehab is a good move

Rahmani also touched on Shannon’s plan to enter rehab following the crime, calling it a “good strategy.”

“Judges look for people that are voluntarily getting treatment, getting into rehab if they have an alcohol or substance abuse problem. So, that’s something that good defense lawyers present to the judge and say, ‘Look, your honor, my client is taking this seriously. She’s already getting the help that she needs.’”

RHOC conversations about Shannon having a drinking problem might come up in court

Shannon’s drinking habit has been talked about many times on RHOC. But, Shannon has always denied having a problem with alcohol. Rahmani says the conversations would only be significant if drunk driving or unsafe behavior came up.

“You really need that nexus to driving or some other unsafe conduct. So, if there’s something in the show that talks about her potentially getting behind the wheel, that’s absolutely something that could be used against her.”

Good thing for Shannon that being a hypocrite doesn’t factor in, because all of her ribbing about Gina Kirschenheiter’s DUI would have the judge throwing the book at her!

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