Taylor Ann Green
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Taylor Ann Green Felt ‘Pushed’ to Hook Up With Austen Kroll

Taylor Ann Green is showing up as the Southern Charm villain this season. Her vulnerable state after breaking up with Shep Rose after two years of dating could have gotten her some public sympathy.

Instead, Taylor made a spectacle of herself on the Season 9 premiere, got aggressive with Craig Conover, and accused Paige DeSorbo of cheating on him. She also gifted the newlyweds a sex toy.

But the worst was yet to come when it came to light during the season that Taylor hooked up with Austen Kroll. She was also best friends with his ex-flame Olivia Flowers at the time. It all sounds very Scandoval. Shep is already suspicious.

Taylor said she and Austen created “a bond”

It turns out that Taylor has an explanation for hooking up with her ex-boyfriend’s best friend. And her best friend’s ex. Wow, complicated.

People shared an exclusive sneak peek of the upcoming episode of Southern Charm during which Taylor comes clean to Olivia at a lunch together.

Of course, Taylor needed a lot of prompting to come clean. Olivia confronted her about rumors that Jarrett “JT” Thomas repeated about the suspected hookup.

“Shep was telling me about guys night, and JT raised questions involving you and Austen — and Shep started to seem a little shook,” Olivia said.

“Nothing is going on, and I will put my hand on a Bible. There is nothing going on,” Taylor replied.

Olivia doubled down. She continued, “I don’t know, [Shep] said when JT confronted Austen about it that Austen was, like, tongue-tied. So what exactly is it that Austen is so tongue-tied about?”

Austen is a notoriously bad liar, as his friend Craig often notes. It seems that Taylor broke at the point that it was clear her flame wasn’t going to be able to keep secrets.

Revealing the truth

“After New York, when we were both not in good places with each of our [exes] — he was not in a good place with you, I was not in a good place with Shep — but we created such a bond in the midst of that vulnerability and that just absolute brokenness and the two of us being pushed together because of our situations. I was like, ‘I mean, Austen, is this something we explore?” Taylor recalled.

“I was the one who said it,” Taylor admitted: “I was like, ‘Is this something we’re meant to explore?'”

“You and him being together?” a shocked Olivia retorted. To that query, Taylor remained silent.

One doesn’t need to see the rest of the episode to know that Olivia doesn’t take kindly to the betrayal.

To Taylor’s credit, she told People in real time that her actions, “drew a wedge between myself and a really good friend [Olivia].”

“I take full blame for everything that transpired and how I handled the situation and the things I said and how I acted,” she concluded. “That was really tough. I think that there’s a lot of forgiveness that can be had. That’s a big thing this year — there’s a lot of forgiveness and tough love.”

It remains to be seen whether Olivia, and Southern Charm viewers, will accept Taylor’s explanation.

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