Below Deck Charters Where the Crew Really Earned Their Tips

Malia White Below Deck

One of the most intriguing aspects of the Below Deck franchise are the tips, which vary greatly depending on the charter. Tipping is crucial on Below Deck charters, and crew members can expect to receive anywhere in between $1,000 and $2,000 from each guest on average. Typically, the primary charter guest gives the Captain an envelope with tips for the entire crew, which are then split up among them evenly.

While the Below Deck crews are almost always hard at work, they have put more effort into certain charters than others. Their hard work was reflected in their tips, and the guests really appreciated them going above and beyond. During the following four charters, the Below Deck team really earned the generous tips they received, which was great to see!

Jim’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 Charter

Fred Jagueneau/Bravo

One of the highest-tipping charter guests on Below Deck Sailing Yacht was primary guest Jim Blumenthal, whom viewers first met during Season 3. After his Season 3 charter, Jim tipped an astonishing $21,000, which resulted in each crew member pocketing $2,530.

The crew truly earned their tip, as everyone worked hard to provide Jim and his fellow guests with the best service possible. Chef Marcos Spaziani served up some amazing dishes, and particularly impressed the guests with his shrimp tartare.

The entire team, including Captain Glenn Shephard, also put on an entertaining “talent show” for the guests, which was well received. Chief Engineer Colin MacRae had one of the most entertaining acts with a song, while First Officer Gary King gave Jim a lap dance. Everyone truly made an effort on this charter, so it is understandable why Jim rewarded them with such a great tip.

Jake’s Below Deck Season 10 Charter During


The crew on Below Deck Season 10 received the highest tip ever seen after Jake Clopton’s charter, and it was certainly earned! Jake tipped the crew a whopping $40,000, which resulted in each team member walking away with $3,076.

During this charter, the entire crew worked hard to prepare an exclusive beach party for Jake and the other guests. This was no easy task, but it was worth it as it was clear the guests really enjoyed the experience. Chef Rachel Hargrove also impressed the guests with her skills in the kitchen, especially with the authentic Japanese food that she prepared for them.

Patrick’s Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 Charter


Patrick Kirk and his wife Jennifer were some of the highest tipping guests on Below Deck Mediterranean, who left the crew a generous $23,585. The crew went above and beyond throughout the charter, with Chef Mathew Shea constantly delivering amazing dishes. His lobster eggs benedict were a huge hit in particular!

The exterior crew also worked exceptionally hard during this charter, with Bosun Malia White doing an amazing job. Along with Deckhand Lloyd Spencer, she went out of her way to throw a Beer Olympics event for the guest. The rest of the crew also participated in the Oktoberfest themed party, which was a huge hit.

Rene & Sandra’s Below Deck Down Under Season 2 Charter

Mark Rogers/Bravo via Getty Images

Rene and Sandra Ramirez tipped the Below Deck Down Under crew the highest amount they had ever seen, with a whopping $25,000. This was a particularly emotional charter, as the guests requested a memorial service for Rene’s mother who had previously passed away. The crew handled the situation with the utmost respect, which the guests really appreciated.

The guests all really enjoyed the experience, as well as the majority of the meals Chef Tzarina Mace-Ralph served. They also loved Captain Jason Chambers, with Rene even challenging him to an arm wrestling competition. Despite a difficult charter season, the entire crew really brought their best for this charter which paid off!

While the Below Deck crews can always expect a nice tip from charter guests, these tips were quite above average. These charter guests really appreciated how hard the crew worked and rewarded them a little extra for it, which is nice to see!