The Best and Worst Below Deck Chief Stews

Daisy Kelliher
(Photo credit: Bravo/YouTube)

The Chief Stew position is one of the most important jobs on Below Deck, as they are responsible for leading the yacht’s interior team. Every season, the Chief Stew works to ensure that the guests are satisfied when it comes to anything from food and drinks, to having their cabins cleaned. It is also common for the Chief Stews to get involved in cabin drama or “boatmances” throughout the season, although some have handled it better than others.

Many Chief Stews across the various Below Deck spin-offs have become fan favorites, for their work ethic as well as their personalities. However, other Chief Stews have dropped the bar, and failed to take their position as seriously as they should have. These are our picks for the best and worst Chief Stews across the Below Deck franchise.

Daisy Kelliher – Best

Daisy Kelliher/Instagram

Daisy Kelliher served as Chief Stew on Below Deck Sailing Yacht Seasons 2, 3, and 4, and she is truly one of the best Chief Stews the franchise has ever seen. She takes her position very seriously, and constantly goes above and beyond to make sure that the guests have everything they need when it comes to the interior team.

Daisy also handled boatmances with maturity, including her own. During Sailing Yacht Season 4, Daisy became entwined in a love triangle between Colin MacRae and Gary King. Daisy never let her relationships distract her from her job, which cannot be said for all Chief Stews. Furthermore, Daisy served as a good role model to the other Stews on her team, and always treated them with the utmost respect.

Kate Chastain – Best

Kate Chastain/Instagram

Kate Chastain was another one of the best Below Deck Chief Stews, who appeared on Seasons 1 through 6 of the OG show. She was one of the most professional Chief Stews, who always made a clear distinction between the way she acted in front of charter guests as opposed to her fellow crew members. Furthermore, Kate had a great relationship with Captain Lee Rosbach and worked well with him, unlike many of the other Below Deck crew members.

What really made Kate stand out to fans was her great sense of humor, which was often a breath of fresh air compared to more annoying cast members. Kate always had her interior teams back and was a true player, making her one of the best Chief Stews in Below Deck history.

Hannah Ferrier – Worst

(Hannah Ferrier/Instagram)

Hannah Ferrier was the Chief Stew on Below Deck Mediterranean from Season 1 to 5, although she often fell below par. The worst thing about Hannah was her attitude, as she often failed to treat her fellow crew members with respect. Hannah clashed with Captain Sandy Yawn in particular, and often disregarded her opinion when it came to things around the yacht.

In addition to her strained relationship with Captain Sandy, Hannah did not have the best relationship with the other Stews either. Furthermore, Hannah was involved in a number of boatmances, which she often let come between her and her position. While Hannah was great with charter guests, her treatment of her fellow cast members is what really makes her one of the worst Chief Stews from the franchise.

Jenna MacGillivary – Worst

Jenna MacGillivary/Instagram

When it comes to Below Deck Chief Stews, Jenna MacGillivary is arguably the worst the show has ever seen. Jenna served as the Chief Stew on Sailing Yacht Season 1, where she did not take her role seriously at all. Instead, Jenna’s main priority on the yacht was Chef Adam Glick, who she flirted with all season as opposed to focusing on her job.

In addition to her terrible work ethic, Jenna’s personality was not the most redeeming either. Jenna was not a good team player when it came to her team of Stews, and picked on Georgia Grobler in particular. Jenna acted very childish all season, so it was no surprise to Below Deck viewers when Daisy replaced her for Sailing Yacht Season 2.

As any true Below Deck fan would know, the Chief Stew role is not easy and comes with many unique challenges. Not only is the work ethic of the Chief Stew important, but their treatment of their fellow team members plays a big part as well. While Daisy and Kate rose to the challenge on numerous occasions, Hannah and Jenna unfortunately fell short in comparison.


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