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Olivia Flowers Was in ‘Hard Disbelief’ About Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll Hookup

Southern Charm is back and basically these people are a mess. Well, except for Craig Conover, shockingly enough. But saying you’re the most normal in this group is kind of like saying you’re the smartest Kardashian, it’s a no-win situation.

Right now the drama is focused on Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll. Shep Rose’s ex-girlfriend and current BFF hooked up and it’s become quite the scandal. Now Taylor takes her whining from last season into this season and wants forgiveness from Austen’s ex and her friend, Olivia Flowers. Good luck with that one, honey. People has the scoop.

The hard truth

On the last episode of Southern Charm, Taylor admitted to Olivia she suggested to Austen they should date. When Austen and Tay decided to stay “friends” Olivia was shocked. This season Olivia is trying to be peaceful with Austen but “it was tricky.”

“A lot of different things happened that shifted the dynamic of the group and changed a lot of friendships,” Olivia began. Yes, two people within the squad hooking up and keeping it secret will definitely shift dynamics.

Olivia asked Taylor point-blank if anything went down with Austen and Taylor lied her face off. “[We] never hooked up, never anything. Swear on my life,” she replied.

When Olivia found out that Taylor was a total phony and did get dirty with Austen, she was in “hard disbelief.” “And then the more and more it made its way into our inner circle of friends, the more it had to be addressed. It was definitely a chain link of events that took place,” she explained.

Taylor’s excuse

As for her Austen hook-up, Taylor tried to justify what happened. “I think after the breakup, we both just really leaned on each other a lot more,” Taylor shared. No, Jan. It’s more like neither one of you had any self-control.

“We just really leaned on each other and we grew our friendship to be tighter. I really value him as an older brother to me. It just was comfortable,” she added. Fortunately, Taylor says she takes full responsibility for what happened with Austen despite the impact it had on her friendship with Olivia.

“We’re certainly not in the place we were this time last year,” Olivia added. “I don’t necessarily know if we’ll ever get back to that place. She recently went through something very tragic and difficult, and I reached out then because that’s really all that matters — none of the other drama. But there’s a lot more distance there with us.”

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