Meredith Marks
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Meredith Marks ‘Never’ Revealed Rumor She Heard About Angie Katsanevas’ Husband

Needless to say, Meredith Marks is not getting along with Angie Katsanevas on Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. She also finds herself under constant defense because Whitney Rose is against her. The Wild Rose Beauty founder shared her suspicions about Meredith’s intentions with other cast members.

Meredith’s co-star suggested that she will weaponize rumors in times of need. When she was in conflict with Lisa Barlow, the fashion boutique owner said Vida Tequila was having financial issues.

So, perhaps there is something to this theory. But as far as the rumor about Angie K.’s husband, Meredith has not spoken a word about it. At least not on camera.

Meredith speaks of “not super positive” friendship with Angie

In the most recent episode of Season 4, newbie Monica Garcia sat Angie down to let her know what was being said about her husband. This was the shocking rumor that Meredith referenced in Palm Springs. The rumor was that Angie K.’s husband engaged in sexual relations with other men.

However, it’s worth noting, that the words did not come from Meredith’s mouth on camera. So it’s curious as to why she’s been blamed for its existence. The last RHOSLC fans saw was Angie charging up behind Mer at the cast event to confront her.

Meredith spoke about the season’s drama with Angie K. during a recent appearance on the Sofia With An F podcast. Host Sofia Franklyn asked the RHOSLC favorite, “What’s your relationship like with Angie?”

“Well, as you can see, it’s not super positive,” Mer answered.

The conversation then shifted to what was being said about her husband. Again, Meredith reiterated, ” I never repeated what I heard.”

Perhaps Whitney and Angie wouldn’t believe this anyway. Or perhaps their issue with Meredith was threatening to uncover the rumors at the dinner in Palm Springs. Fans will have to wait and see what goes down on the upcoming episode.

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