Angie Katsanevas
(Photo by: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

RHOSLC Preview: Angie Katsanevas Chases Meredith Marks Over Husband Rumors

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City Season 4 is off to a dramatic start. In tonight’s (October 10, 2023) episode, Angie Katsanevas confronts Meredith Marks over a rumor she thinks Mer has been spreading.

The rumor is that Angie’s husband Shawn Trujillo sleeps with other men, and their marriage is one of convenience. It’s a tired trope for Housewives shows and one we could do without seeing again in the future. I’m a little peeved it’s made its way to Salt Lake City, if I’m honest.

You can watch Angie and Meredith’s back-and-forth in the video below, showing the first seven minutes of tonight’s new episode.

Meredith will only speak to those who treat her with respect

Angie pulls Meredith to a quiet spot for a chat. “I’ll just kind of get right to the point, it sounds like you are out spreading rumors about my marriage and my husband,” Angie says. Meredith claims not to know what she’s talking about, but does confirm she’s heard some rumors. “There are rumors about you; I am not spreading them.”

“You’ve gone after every marriage in the group, when meanwhile, you are the only one that’s out spreading their legs outside of their marriage,” Angie retorts. The result? Meredith is disengaging.

“I don’t talk to people who don’t speak to me with respect. Go shove whipped cream in her [Monica’s] mouth, you’re real respectful,” Mer says while walking away. But Angie’s not done, and chases her down.

“She runs away,” Angie says to Whitney and Monica.

Angie’s not done

“Don’t turn your back on me, I’m not done talking to you. If you’re gonna spread rumors about my marriage, then you’re gonna look me in the eye, and you’re going to address it,” Angie says to Meredith after finding her sat with Lisa Barlow.

Meredith tries to leave the conversation once again, and Angie grabs her. “Don’t, touch me!” she warns. Angie then shouts about Mer “spreading” her legs outside of marriage once again, much to the delight of other guests at Lisa’s gathering.

“On my kids, I have never heard that in my life,” Lisa says to Monica about the Shawn rumor. Monica calls that BS. “People always say it about male hairdressers,” Heather Gay says to Whitney. In confessional she quips, “This is Utah. I’ve been to family reunions; if a guy wears a cardigan they think he’s gay.” Heather’s back to being hilarious this season. I’m here for it.

No end to this conflict

This is a mess all the way around. Angie believed Whitney Rose and Monica Garcia way too quickly. There’s actually no proof of Meredith repeating this rumor.

I’m also firmly off the Mary Cosby love train following that exchange with a server. Being rude to her co-stars is one thing, but being rude to someone outside of the show for doing their job? Looks like she hasn’t learned a thing since that audio leaked of her berating members of her church.

Will Angie and Mer be able to find common ground? Highly doubtful!

The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City continues Tuesdays at 9/8c on Bravo.