Clayton Echard
(Craig Sjodin/ABC via Getty Images)

Clayton Echard Cleared by Paternity Test of Fathering Alleged Ex-Fling’s Twins

The results are in, and Clayton Echard is not the father of this random lady’s twin babies!

The Bachelor alum took to social media to celebrate the news after a months-long battle with an Arizona woman who claimed he impregnated her with twins after a one-night stand. That’s double trouble. She filed a lawsuit in August to demand a paternity test from Clayton. She claimed he had been dodging attempts to take the test, but he said that they never actually did the deed.

Clayton eventually took the paternity test, and it seems like science has sided with him. However, the pregnant woman isn’t buying it. She told Us Weekly that Clayton celebrated the results a little too early, and she’s not letting this messy saga end just yet.

Whose kids are these?

Clayton joyfully shared the results of his paternity test on Instagram with his followers.

“Listen, it’s Friday and you know what we need on a Friday? We need some good news and who has got the good news today? I got the good news today,” Clayton teased before dropping the big news.

He continued, “The test results came back early and they said little to no fetal DNA present. Let’s go, baby! I knew that was going to happen and thankfully five months of torture can finally be put to rest.”

Clayton went on to thank his followers for supporting him through the process of navigating “false accusations.” He excitedly shared that it’s back to business for him after getting these results back.

A clapback from the mother

In a statement, the still-anonymous babies’ mother refused to believe Clayton’s words. Obviously, she was expecting a different outcome, and she accused the Bachelor star of lying about the results. Seriously, where is Maury Povich when you need him?

“Regardless of what Clayton says, the test is not inconclusive,” she said. “The ‘testing is ongoing’ because they said that there was an issue with my sample and that they need another sample from me, which I am giving first thing on Wednesday.”

The woman is due in February 2024, so there’s still plenty of time for her to figure out who the father is. Either way, Clayton is confident that it’s not him.