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Rumor: RHOP’s Chris Bassett Accused of Having Affair and Telling Alleged Mistress To Get Abortion

Good lord this is a MESS. Out of the gate, allow me to say, this information is ALLEGED. People like to play stupid games, and for the sake of Real Housewives of Potomac star Candiace Bassett, I hope we’re all being punked.

In the event any of this turns out to be true, good luck Chris Bassett and I hope Candiace doesn’t find you. In Season 7 Chris was accused of “looking” at certain cast members and making Gizelle Bryant uncomfortable. Most of us agreed it was a lame attempt at a storyline that ultimately hurt Candiace and failed miserably.

Ahead of Season 8, we have Chris being outright accused of having an affair and getting someone pregnant. The mistress in question also claims Chris heavily advised her to terminate the pregnancy. Let’s get into it.

Tasha K Spills

This week Tasha K dropped the details on an alleged affair Chris was hiding behind Candiace’s back. It’s a lot, so go ahead and have a seat.

On October 11, Tasha K made a post to Twitter saying Chris’ ALLEGED side-piece sent her naked pics of Chris and the supposed paperwork for an abortion:

“Just in on my desk! #RHOP’s #CandiceDillard’s Husband #ChrisBasset alleged Mistress of 6 months just sent me nude photos of what appears to be #CandiceDillard’s Husband and abortion paperwork for the mistress!”

It continued, “According to the mistress the abortion was had weeks ago! We are rolling out the recording with me & the mistress tonight at 7:30 pm est on http://TashaKLive.com | The Alleged Mistress is HeartBroken and was under the influence when we spoke for hours today via FaceTime and Instagram!”

So right there we have mistress, abortion, and paperwork. The next day, Tasha posted … the call. Tasha K spoke with the future victim of Candiace’s evil thoughts via social media.

Basically, this woman Ayanna Williams is revealing the supposed details of how she and Chris were ALLEGEDLY hooking up resulting in infidelity and… a visit to a clinic. Ayanna said that her supposed romance with Chris started when she sent him a winky face emoji, and she also said that they are “still messaging” one another. Oh Chris, you alleged fool. Ayanna further claimed Chris confessed his love to her following the ALLEGED abortion.

While Ayanna claimed to have documentation proving her abortion, she first refused to post it on the chat, stating, “I can’t.”

The “situation”

“I’m pregnant by Candiace’s husband. That’s a whole other story. You know what I’m trying to say?” she replied. Ayanna also said the procedure took place “12 weeks ago.” Chris ALLEGEDLY advised Ayanna her having a kid would be a “situation” but I think Chris might already have himself in a “situation.”

Ayanna said, “If I had that baby, it would’ve been a whole situation. Like, how could I? He told me, ‘If you have this baby, she [Candiace] can’t be on the show [RHOP], it would be a whole situation. You gotta get rid of it.’ And I listened to him. Because I didn’t have time.”

Ayanna clearly doesn’t like Candy

And here we go with the usual side-piece narrative. “Let it be known: He doesn’t love her. This is a fcking facade. Let’s be fcking for real. Real Housewife? All y’all do is lie about your storyline. You told me [to have] an abortion but yet you’re still with her,” Ayanna continued. She’s obviously not pleased Chris didn’t dump Candy but she says he’s a “good dude.”

“I’ll never take that away from him but he’s with a fcking horrible woman and he’s trying to fcking please her because she wants to have a storyline and she wants to be on this show. Am I not good enough? Be with me,” Ayanna added.

But wait, there’s more!

On October 12, Tasha K had an update. She posted, “And The Plot Thickens: Apparently according to #popculture Blogger @bravalita, This woman and #RHOP #ChrisBasset appear to have some kind of history. The woman claims she aborted Chris baby 12 weeks all the while #CandiceDillard is going through IVF. Swipe for the receipts.. or naw?”

Internet detectives also saw where Chris had “liked” photos of Ayanna on Instagram. There are also screenshots with some pretty unsavory info about Chris.

Now, here’s what. Tasha K has a bit of a reputation regarding her information, and Cardi B would know. So all of this is ALLEGED until confirmed otherwise.

Real Housewives of Potomac season eight premieres on Sunday, November 5, at 8/7c on Bravo.