Why We Really Wish Kody Had Gone To Christine’s Wedding

Kody Brown

The last few weddings that Sister Wives star Kody Brown attended were that of his son, Logan Brown, last October and his daughter, Gwen Brown, this past July. The grump didn’t sit on the side of the groom or in the front row for his son’s big day. Instead, Kody and Robyn Brown were placed in the third row behind the bride’s family and away from Janelle Brown. Clearly, the father of 18 had no allies within the family. 

For Gwen’s wedding, Kody was caught being anti-social. He hung out with his grandchildren while the rest of the family had the times of their lives. It’s safe to say that Kody has no desire to be around his family, even when it’s a big life event. With Christine Brown‘s wedding taking place over the weekend, fans desperately wish they could have been a fly on the wall, especially if Kody had been given an invite. Finally, Christine is wife number one in her own story. 

Who Did Attend Christine’s Wedding

Christine Brown/Instagram

Christine tied the knot in Moab, Utah, surrounded by chosen family and friends. Notably, Kody was not invited. Christine’s biological children attended, including daughters Aspen Thompson, Mykelti Padron, Ysabel Brown, Truely Brown, and  Paedon Brown. Gwen was not pictured with the rest of her siblings, so it is hard to know if she was present. Meri Brown‘s only child, Leon Brown, and Janelle and her children, Garrison Brown, Gabriel Brown, Logan Brown, Hunter Brown, Madison Brush, and Savanah Brown, all attended. 

Christine has stated more than once that she has no desire to have a relationship with Robyn, Meri, or Kody due to their lack of respect over the years. The mother of six knew planning a wedding would alienate some. However, it looks like the bride couldn’t have cared less, noting she just wanted to be surrounded by love on her big day. 

Kody Is Most Likely Livid

Christine Brown/Instagram

Somewhere in Flagstaff, Kody is probably crying into his pillow with Robyn saying, “there, there,” while wishing she had perhaps left the crybaby too. The odds are high that Kody is overrun by jealousy since he still shows signs of denial. The TLC star genuinely believed he had been wronged during the split and that Christine would end up alone. However, it seems like the joke is on him.

Kody has a history of not being happy for others and usually isn’t happy unless everyone around him is miserable. The image of Kody kicking a pile of dirt and screening at a mountain on Coyote Pass is just too juicy to ignore. Now faced with the truth that he is still miserable while his third wife is content, it may just eat him alive. 

If Kody Went, He Probably Would Have Caused Drama

Kody Brown

Kody isn’t happy unless he’s the center of attention. So, it can be assumed that he would have wreaked havoc on Christine’s big day. Kody has hurt many of his older children by choosing to ignore them in favor of his fourth wife. If Kody had dared step foot in the family party, bets could have been taken that his older sons probably would have taken him down a peg or two. But who doesn’t love a bloody ringside fight at a wedding?  

Watching Kody being confronted by his older children could have been a great wedding present for Christine. She recently told TLC cameras that Kody was a coward regarding his extended family. The Brown children also shared on a new episode that they no longer needed a father figure within Kody. They made it clear they aren’t looking to him for marriage advice. 

David Doesn’t Like Kody

David Woolley/Instagram

It goes without saying that David Woolley is not a fan of his wife’s ex-husband. The Utah contractor has already made fun of the patriarch a few times. He posed with Christine while she inhaled nachos, which Kody famously said grossed him out. David calls Christine his “queen” when Kody mocks her for acting like a “princess.” David has made it known that he can’t stand Kody and doesn’t appreciate the way he treated Christine. 

Outside of the obvious, the best part of this wedding is that there was no Sideshow Bob Kody in a kilt on the dance floor. Even though Kody clearly didn’t attend the nuptials, fans are at least hoping that the wedding was filmed for Sister Wives since they would still be able to watch Kody’s reaction, which undoubtedly would be TV gold.