Travis Mullen, Gina Kirschenheiter
(Photo by Andrew J Cunningham/Getty Images)

Gina Kirschenheiter’s Man Travis Mullen Granted Restraining Order Against Ex-Wife After Social Media Attack

Sadly, Gina Kirschenheiter is no stranger to domestic trouble. Neither is her boyfriend of four years, Travis Mullen.

The Real Housewives of Orange County star is standing by her man as he deals with the latest ex-wife court drama. Back on August 16, Travis pleaded with a judge to enact a restarting order against his ex, Meghan Mullen.

Radar Online obtained the court documents that show Travis asked the judge to keep Meghan from coming within 100 yards of him. Staying away from Gina and her kids is also included in that request.

A contentious split

Travis filed for divorce from Meghan in 2017 long before connecting with Gina. The former couple have joint custody of their three kids, who have been featured on RHOC.

In the filing, Travis alleged, “Meghan was arrested for violating a criminal protective order, protecting me from her. She has also threatened me and my family, and has engaged in a campaign of harassment, unwanted contact, attempted extortion, and threats of harm if I do not comply with her demands.”

He explained that the restraining order was necessary “because I am fearful that, in its absence, she will continue to harm and harass me and our children because she has continually and is increasingly harassing and harming me, even with a criminal protective order in place.” 

Travis then added that Meghan’s behavior had created a “dangerous environment for our children and me.” He also cited a domestic altercation back in October of 2021 in which he was also involved. A criminal protective order was then issued in May 2022 and then again two months later.

An alleged violation

But the 38 year-old House-boyfriend claimed that his ex violated said order when she came to his neighborhood in August of 2023. Travis immediately called police and upon their arrival, Meghan was taken into custody. Later, she was released without posting bond.

Additional details of the petition included the claim that Meghan made some troubling Instagram posts, alluding to taking her own life. She also referenced both Travis and Gina by name and accused he and Gina of abusing his children.

“I am fearful of Meghan’s harassing behavior and threats directed by her to me,” Travis wrote in the petition.

For her part, Meghan has fought back against the order. The court has since granted the protection order for Travis, but it does not extend to Gina and her children.