Real Housewives of New York Season 14 Finale Recap, Episode 14: Sai Spills the Beans

Real Housewives of New York recap
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Previously this season on The Real Housewives of New York City, Erin Lichy and Ubah Hassan had a big fight. Sai De Silva and Jessel Taank also had a big fight, and it’s still going on. And Brynn Whitfield told Jessel to stand up to the Mean Girls if she wants them to respect her. Here’s everything that went down in the Real Housewives of New York City Season 14 finale: “Connecticut-ing the Dots.”

Ubah and Erin have some fun together

Real Housewives of New York recap
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Following their big fallout in Anguilla, Erin and Ubah need to have some fun together. “Not with our hands,” Erin tells us, “but with our bumper cars like adults do.”

“This is the Erin that I love,” Ubah says in a confessional. “This is what Erin and I are meant [to do]: to look pretty and have fun.” When they rehash the group date at Swinger’s, Ubah says it was annoying to have Sai’s husband David ask why she’s not married. She just hasn’t found the right guy yet, but when she does, it’ll be “Ubah Hot Ties the Knot.”

Ubah’s happy just being herself. But what she doesn’t share with Erin (that she actually has with Sai) is that she’s already seeing someone. She’s just not ready to go public with it. She feels her secret is safe with Sai, but Erin is the “New York Times.” If Ubah tells Erin, everyone will know. So for now, it’s just Sai.

Sai and Erin go mask shopping

Real Housewives of New York recap
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Brynn wants wants everyone to wear Venetian masks to her birthday party, à la Eyes Wide Shut (worst movie ever). Sai and Erin meet at a costume shop to choose their masks.

While they’re shopping, Erin tells Sai that Ubah was offended by David asking why she’s still single. Sai thinks David meant to pay her a compliment but worded it poorly.

“She’s fine,” Sai says. “She’s very happy, and she’s in a good place. I mean, she’s dating someone.” So much for Sai’s vault. Sai admits she found out accidentally and wasn’t supposed to tell anyone. They pinkie swore, which is the epitome of binding promises. Oopsie.

Sai’s actually upset that she let it slip to Erin (the NYT). This is not going to go down well with Ubah.

Brynn’s fancy birthday party

Real Housewives of New York recap
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Everything looks beautiful at Brynn’s party. David and Sai are first to arrive. Brynn laughs that Sai’s mask makes her look like the Hamburglar.

Jenna Lyons arrives holding hands with a new woman. Wow. This is the first time she’s been open about sharing a relationship with the others. Big step for Jenna.

David pulls Ubah aside and apologizes first thing. “I was trying … to compliment you,” he explains. “I do not think a woman needs a man on her arm to be successful.” Ubah forgives him, and they’re all good. David’s a good guy. How did he end up with a crazy woman like Sai?

Jessel stands up to Sai

Real Housewives of New York recap
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When Jessel and Pavit arrive, Brynn signals to Erin and Sai that they should stop talking about her. After greeting the others, Jessel wanders away. Erin complains, “No hug, no warm hello?”

“What did I do to her?” Erin asks, and Sai responds, “Who cares?” Even though Erin’s upset, Sai says she’s thrilled to have Jessel ignore her.

“Just FYI, I heard you don’t like me,” Jessel admits to Sai.

“It’s not that I don’t like you,” Sai says. “I just don’t want to be best friends.” So right then. Isn’t that pretty much the definition of “I don’t like you?”

“I don’t want to be best friends either,” responds Jessel. She and Erin go off in search of a shot, while Jenna’s just happy she’s not getting sucked into the vortex of drama.

Brynn urges Jessel to stand up for herself. “Stick it to these bitches,” she says, “and you’ll get respect.”

When Sai accuses Jessel of being a liar, Jessel wants to know what she’s lied about. “Everything!” Sai fires back.

“Who cares?” Jessel asks, giving Sai a dose of her own medicine.

“No one gives a fuck, Jessel!” Sai yells, finally losing it. When Jessel tells her not to yell, Sai screams, “Obviously, I have to yell if you’re not gonna comprehend…”

What Sai is calling “lies” are really just misunderstandings or miscommunications. “I’m bored with this,” Jessel says. “I’m going to go find my husband.”

Sai’s pet parrot

Real Housewives of New York recap
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Since Erin always seems to take Sai’s side on every issue, Jessel’s been calling her “Sai’s Pet Parrot.” So Erin and Sai have found a parrot mask and a multicolored feather boa to serve as a parrot costume. While Jessel is talking to David, Sai comes and stands next to him.

Suddenly, Sai says, “Where’s my pet parrot?” She runs around the corner and grabs Erin, bringing her back to Jessel. “Here’s my pet parrot!”

“Oh, my God!” Jessel exclaims, dissolving into giggles.

“Oh, my God, Jessel! I can’t believe you said that!” Sai says.

“I can’t believe you said that!” Parrot Erin mimics.

“This is kind of f*cking amazing!” Jessel laughs. She loves the joke.

Jenna says, “The pet parrot … is the best Erin move ever! It was brilliant!” And just like that, everybody’s friends again…

Until Brynn spills the beans

Real Housewives of New York recap
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As Brynn is cutting her birthday cake, she suddenly calls out, “Ubah, I heard you’ve got a man in Connecticut!” Brynn’s had a drink or two and forgot that was supposed to be a secret.

“Oh, no!” mutter both Sai and Erin, at the same time.

“Brynn!” scolds Sai. “That was f*cked up. Don’t do that.”

Apparently, after their shopping trip to the costume shop, Erin and Sai took Brynn out to dinner for her birthday. They talked about Ubah’s new man (off-camera), but agreed it would be kept within the “Circle of Trust.” Sai totally spilled the tea on where Ubah’s boyfriend lives and what he does, but they were to keep it private.

As Ubah only confided in Sai, now she knows Sai’s been discussing her personal business. The Somalie model is super pissed and says she’s leaving.

Sai is also upset that Brynn spilled the beans she was supposed to keep private. “F*ck you, Brynn,” she screams. “Have a good birthday. I’m leaving.”

“I want nothing to do with Brynn,” Sai interviews. “I feel like I let Ubah down, and Brynn let me down.” She walks out the door and Ubah follows her. Well. That put kind of put a damper on the party mood.

The Real Housewives of New York City Season 14 reunion begins Sunday, October 22 at 9/8c on Bravo.