Olivia Flowers, Shep Rose
Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images

Shep Rose and Olivia Flowers Reveal Worst Thing About Being on Reality TV

Shep Rose and Olivia Flowers have been doing a ton of interviews together since the beginning of Southern Charm Season 9. They are the aggrieved parties in the sloppy romantic encounter between their exes, Taylor Ann Green and Austen Kroll after all.

Southern Charm viewers have squarely sided with Olivia in the matter of her friend breaking girl code. Also, by comparison to Austen, Shep is emerging as a much more sympathetic character.

Certainly, Olivia and Shep have a great, friendly banter that is easy to watch. So it makes sense to have them continue doing interviews together in light of their shared experience on the show. Most recently, the duo spoke about the worst part of filming a reality TV show. Here’s what they had to say.

Olivia gave two different answers

“It’s raw,” Olivia told AV Club. “You’re showing all sides of you, good, bad. And then you’re allowing others to have opinions. And that’s the trickier part for me.”

Luckily for Olivia, the cast is backing her in the situation of Taylor and Austen hooking up. But to her credit, Olivia is taking it like a champ and even decided to support her friend’s professional event after learning about her betrayal.

“Well, for you it’s different I’m sure. It’s your second season now so your friends and family are all watching every episode,” Shep said.

Olivia responded, “That’s it. I change my answer. My friends, my family, my parents and their friends are watching it. Grandparents. I’m constantly thinking about that.”

The two agreed that family input can be the most challenging aspect of filming Southern Charm. The most private conversations become fodder for the family dinner table. Awkward. But in Shep’s case, his nearly decade run on reality TV means some of the family have tuned out at this point.

“See, I’ve done it so long nobody watches it anymore,” he joked.

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