Reasons Why Janelle and Christine’s Friendship Isn’t ‘Pathetic’ Like Kody Claims

Sister Wives' Janelle Brown, Kody Brown and Christine Brown
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Kody Brown is no stranger to having his wives gang up on him. Over the years, Sister Wives viewers have watched Kody navigate each spouse’s personality, which hasn’t been the most straightforward journey. Kody was often like the cheese, standing alone while his four wives bonded or fought. Even though he always claimed he wanted his lovers to have a close sister-wife connection, the new season shows that he might have never meant those words. 

It never seemed like anyone else in the family had as strong of a connection as Janelle Brown and Christine Brown. The three first wives, including Meri Brown, shared a special experience way before Robyn Brown entered the picture. They lived a life in Lehi, Utah, which included a shared home that most could only imagine. Due to these life experiences, Christine and Janelle have grown closer than ever, which has bonded them for life. Kody is just trying to break up a good thing in order to make himself feel better. 

Janelle and Christine Have a Strong Bond

Janelle Brown, Kody Brown, Sister Wives
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More often than not, Janelle and Christine are attached at the hip. Before the family fell apart, Kody’s second and third wives often banded together during family meetings. Both seemed to respect each other and their spot within the hierarchy. Janelle was always thankful that Christine had stayed home to help raise the children while she earned a paycheck and often sided with Christine during arguments.

Now that Christine is gone, the two have grown even closer, even though they are still five hours apart. Instead of Janelle spending the holidays with Kody, she has managed to make plans for Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving, all with Kody’s ex. Janelle and Christine have become the best of friends, which has warmed viewers’ hearts and soured Kody’s, who can’t help but feel they are plotting against him.

Kody Is Jealous of Christine and Janelle’s Friendship

Sister Wives Christine Brown with co-stars
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During a recent episode of Sister Wives, Kody confessed that he felt Christine and Janelle’s friendship was “pathetic.” The comments say a lot about the patriarch who hasn’t been willing to bend in the wind when it came to the family drama. Most would argue he drove his wives away with his grumpy and controlling attitude.

In a confessional, Kody revealed, “Christine has so much influence over Janelle. I just think it’s pathetic, so I don’t want to say anything to Janelle because I’m afraid Christine will find out about it, the kids will find out about it; it’s like, I just don’t want to talk about me.”

Kody has a flawed sense of self that has convinced him that his wives all gather together to talk sh*t about him. This just doesn’t seem to be the case. A recent episode showed a perfect example of Janelle still speaking kindly about the man she no longer wants to spend another holiday with. Even though Christine often makes jabs at the father of 18, none of their conversations have been malicious. Christine and Janelle are far from acting like cackling witches. 

Kody Is Dead Wrong

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Kody’s comments were rude and stupid, to say the least. Women generally thrive on solid relationships with their friends, as they provide an outlet to share problems, thoughts, feelings, and even triumphs with those who care. Kody has never understood the need for a close relationship, let alone friendship with any of his wives, and usually tries to rule with an iron fist. However, amidst the instability of a marriage to Kody, both women found a safety net within one another. 

No matter how much Kody wants to deny it, Janelle and Christine have a real friendship. It probably helps that their 12 children are incredibly close and also want to get together. Christine is also helping Janelle navigate her way through her recent split with Kody.

The two Sister Wives stars are really leaning on one another during their time of need. So, while Kody may think their BFF status is pathetic, he is actually the miserable polygamous still trying to play the victim card, not them.