Was Monica Garcia’s Treatment of Her Mom Out of Line?

Monica Garcia Real Housewives of Salt Lake City RHOSLC
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When Real Housewives of Salt Lake City newbie Monica Garcia made her debut, she seemed interesting. She wasn’t afraid to laugh at herself or take a dig at her co-stars in her confessionals.

As a single mom to four daughters, her struggles seemed relatable. But soon, her fiery outbursts crossed the line from honesty to vitriol. And that was especially true when her mother was involved. Her mother, Linda (also known as “LD”), wasn’t afraid to stick her nose in her daughter’s business. And because of their history, it didn’t go well.

But was Monica’s treatment of her mom, Linda, out of line? Or was it justified?

Monica Had a Troubled Childhood

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Monica revealed that as a child, she and her mom relocated frequently. And Monica wasn’t a fan. “A lot of times that was at my expense. I think there’s some resentment there for that,” Monica explained.

“I have always been searching for stability because I never had that,” she added. The RHOSLC star stated that she could never depend on her mother.

She Is Raising Her Daughters Differently

Monica Garcia
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During a recent episode of RHOSLC, Monica and Linda brought Monica’s beloved grandmother to the senior center. While there, the two ladies argued.

Linda, who left the Mormon Church, wanted Monica to raise her daughters in the church. Monica recalled her mother apologizing for bringing her up in the Mormon faith. But Linda denied that the conversation happened.

“I do more with my kids than you ever did with me,” Monica told her mother. And that includes juggling four children at four different schools.

The Abusive Phone Call

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While still at the senior center, Monica recounted a phone call when her mother thought that she had hung up.

Monica heard her mother say, “You f****ing piece of sh*t. I hate your f****ing guts. You f***ing b*tch. I can’t stand you.”

Now, poor Nana had to tell her granddaughter not to talk “dirty” there. Nana just wanted to hang out with her friends and play cards. Not referee this dumpster fire.

If that is how Monica’s mother talks to her, then Monica’s treatment of her mom isn’t out of line. Sadly.

Monica’s Mother Didn’t Take Her Side

Monica Garcia, Angie Katsanevas
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The ladies (except for Meredith Marks) were all invited to a fabulous Greek Easter lunch at Angie Katsanevas’ home. Monica brought her four daughters and “LD.”

Linda wasted little time determining if Angie’s father was single. She seemed ready to mingle, much to Monica’s horror.

Angie decided that it would be a good time to confront Monica. Namely about the rumor that her hubby, Shawn Trujillo, had sex with other men while married to Angie.

Monica told Angie that she had heard about the rumor for years, and she did her a favor by telling her about the gossip. But Angie wanted to know why Monica would repeat an unfounded rumor. Remember—Meredith allegedly was spreading this story.

Monica started to get upset, and her mom came over. Big mistake. When her mother asked them to stop, Monica became more agitated. “Don’t f**king pull this sh*t with me when you don’t have my back,” she told Linda. Her mom reminded her that they were all guests in someone’s home.

When Monica was sitting alone while the group was dancing, Linda approached her daughter. They quarreled again, this time over whether Monica mattered to her mother. She called her mother “heartless” and told her to find a ride home. Classy!

In her emotional confessional, Monica admitted that she wished that she had a different mother. And that Linda probably wished for a different daughter.

Linda Involved Herself in the Drama Between Angie and Monica

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From the time that they arrived at Angie’s luncheon, Linda was acting very comfortable and flirty with Angie’s father. And after Monica blew up, Linda apologized to Angie and Shawn. It wasn’t her place, but she inserted herself anyway.

Afterward, Monica said, “I felt like she absolutely sided with them. It was more important for her to have fun and dance and talk to the men and, you know, whatever than it was to handle what was going on with us,” Monica said. “Yeah, I felt absolutely betrayed.”

The Status of Monica and Linda’s Relationship

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Monica wasn’t the only person speaking out after the debacle at Angie’s house. Linda sounded off on Twitter. “Monica begged me to do this reality show with her. Begged. I didn’t want to do it,” Linda wrote. “How did she return the favor? She did me dirty.”

Linda continued, “Meanwhile, I would never compete with my only child—unless it’s sports. I’m too smart to try to go up against Monica, she’d chew me up and spit me out.” Yikes! This relationship seems really dysfunctional.

“Lastly, I never abandoned her,” Linda claimed. “I always put her needs above my own, even in her adulthood. I’m not a perfect human but I *am* a devoted mother and Vóvó.”

Meanwhile, Monica told US Weekly about the state of their tattered relationship. “My mother and I are not OK right now, still,” the RHOSLC star explained. So, does Monica want to try and fix her complicated relationship with Linda? “At this point in time, no, I don’t,” Monica stated.

Monica characterized her relationship with Linda as more sisterly than maternal. Both Monica and Linda’s reactions to each other are over-the-top. Monica didn’t treat her mother well. But Linda doesn’t treat her daughter well, either.

In this situation, Monica could have dialed it back a bit, but her treatment of her mom wasn’t out of line.