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Ramona Singer Axed From BravoCon After Using Racial Slur in Text to Reporter

Well, it looks like BravoCon will be down one racist former Real Housewife. Ramona Singer has been in the news since a revealing Vanity Fair article showed her in a light that Bravo chose to ignore. Allegedly.

While OG Real Housewives of New York fans weren’t shocked the VF piece highlighted some alleged racism on Ramona’s part, they also weren’t surprised when it was kept #hiddenbybravo. Despite the bad press, Ramona packed her denials and was ready to hit BravoCon in Las Vegas until … she doubled down on the N-word. Take it away, Page Six!

The Ramonacoaster has stalled

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Hopefully Bravo will spare us with any pending statements about how racism isn’t tolerated at the network. There’s one reason why Ramona was axed from BravoCon and it’s because a Page Six writer had her fully busted. It’s not because Bravo suddenly spawned a moral compass.

So Ramona was already in theoretical hot water after Vanity Fair alluded to her previous bouts with racial insensitivity. There was the time she allegedly used the N-word with a Black producer on the RHONY crew. Numerous times (on camera) she has treated those in the service industry like cattle. And dealing with the first Black cast member on her show was just too much for poor little Ramona to take.

While some say Eboni K. Williams is the one that “ruined” their beloved East Coast franchise, the receipts are quite damning. They also paint Ramona in a horrible manner. Instead of admonishing the RHONY alum and acknowledging her inappropriate behavior, the show was abruptly canceled after Season 13. We also didn’t get a reunion because lord forbid someone is held accountable for a big mouth.

But everything was still fine and dandy until Ramona decided to f-around. She could have taught a master class on weaponized ignorance at BravoCon, but instead, she pulled a stunt. Ramona tried to soften her alleged use of the N-word while basically almost using the word again.

For further context, the Vanity Fair exposé implied Ramona’s alleged use of a racial slur. There was a complaint initiated within Shed Media, Warner Bros. Discovery, Bravo, and NBCUniversal.

Ramona reaches out

Ramona had thoughts about Page Six’s reporting of the VF article. She had a text exchange with one of the writers and sealed her fate. She wrote, “And the word I used was ‘NWord’ Not n-g…” After this communication was published, Ramona’s name magically disappeared from the BravoCon line-up.

Ramona was supposed to attend the three-day event in Las Vegas this coming weekend. Due to her behavior, a source shared she will not be hanging out with her former cast mates. Before anyone starts #clappingforbravo, let’s remind ourselves they did nothing until someone showed a text of her ignorance to the media. Unfortunately, it appears Eboni’s POV wasn’t enough for Bravo to take action against Ramona, they merely canceled everyone’s favorite show instead.

At this time it’s assumed Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: Legacy will still air and is scheduled to premiere in December.