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Bethenny Frankel Thinks Ramona Singer BravoCon Axing Was for ‘Optics’

Bethenny Frankel has a lot to say about all things Bravo and it doesn’t look like she’ll quit soon. Beth is behind the Bravo Reality Reckoning and recently Vanity Fair dropped a hit piece highlighting one of her former co-stars.

Ramona Singer did herself in with multiple denials of racial insensitivity despite evidence to the contrary. While Bravo allowed Ramona to walk a fine line for 15 years, Ramona was bumped from BravoCon 2023 for doubling down by using a very bad slur. According to Bethenny, Bravo only axed Ramona for “optics” and spoke about it on her ReWives podcast.

The Battle of BravoCon

While Ramona tries to shrug off more allegations of being a racist, Bethenny believes Bravo only took action because it immediately impacted their brand. She also said Ramona’s “absurd” remarks are causing the network to shake in their boots while navigating the controversy.

Bethenny added, “Believe me, if Ramona said something that made her look really bad on her own that didn’t affect Bravo and [them] being canceled, Ramona would be front and center on the stage.” This is more than likely true. What Ramona did was in direct relation to Bravo and NBCUniversal. It never seemed like her casual micro-aggressions ever made anyone at the network blink an eye.

Case in point, Beth also used to have some interesting things to say that could be clocked as racially insensitive. Her Twitter was not, shall we say, necessarily kind to other communities. Exhibit A, a collection:

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Ramona’s Big Mess

So obviously Ramona isn’t the only one who may have needed some sensitivity training along the way. The problem here is Ramona did it on Bravo’s time. Bethenny also said she has “firsthand knowledge … from lawyers” that Bravo is “scrambling and looking for crisis intervention.” Sounds like Bravo needed crisis intervention back in 2009 too, but here we are in 2023 finally addressing things.

Beth also said the network is “a boat filled with holes like a piece of Swiss cheese.” “They are in a freefall. If you think I’m wrong … why is Bravo on damage control,” she asked. Wow Bethenny, wow.

Obviously, Bethenny is not at BravoCon. There are probably photos of her and NeNe Leakes at every major security point. That said, it won’t stop her from posting about every tidbit she can get her hands on. Stay tuned.