Kenya Moore and Marc Daly
Photo by Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Kenya Moore Says Divorce Will Be Finalized Before 2024

We only caught a few glimpses of Kenya Moore and Marc Daly’s marriage on The Real Housewives of Atlanta. However, what we saw was nothing short of a disaster. Unsurprisingly, the two decided to divorce after two years together. Kenya filed in 2021, but she and Marc STILL aren’t divorced. Marc has seemingly been just as uncooperative and surly throughout the divorce as he was during his maybe 10 minutes of total RHOA screen time.

Kenya and Marc share a four-year-old daughter, Brooklyn Daly, and custody matters have been one point of contention. The fact that Kenya and Marc don’t have a prenup also greatly complicated things. But, Kenya might soon finally be able to twirl on from this nightmare. She just shared that she believes her divorce is very close to being final.

Kenya Moore divorce: She believes that she’ll start off 2024 as a single woman

2024 is only two short months away, but Kenya says she believes she’ll finally be free of Marc before January hits. During the BravoCon 2023 RHOA panel on Friday, an audience member asked Kenya if there’s been any momentum in her divorce. She finally had some progress to share, answering that despite some snafus with a recent court date, things are moving along.

“Yes, [there’s been] some movement. We had a court hearing and then got on the trial calendar, so were going to go to trial, and then we got bumped off the trial calendar. I can’t make this stuff up.”

Kenya added, “I’m saying it right now: I will be single and divorced before 2024.”

Whether that was hopeful manifestation or the two really are that close to ending this thing was unclear, but let’s keep our fingers crossed that Kenya can finally put the Marc mess behind her and focus on KENYA! MOORE! HAIR! CARE! and finding a new man who appreciates her.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta is expected to return sometime in 2024.