All the Ways Shannon Beador Hasn’t Taken Accountability After Her DUI

Shannon Beador
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No one is denying that Shannon Beador has had one hell of a year. First, she revealed that she and her long-term boyfriend, John Janssen, had gone their separate ways, then she found herself behind the wheel, drunk driving, with her beloved dog Archie in the back seat. At the time, TMZ reported that Shannon had a .24 blood alcohol level, which is three times the legal limit. 

Sadly, the news didn’t actually surprise many fans who have been on this rollercoaster of a journey with Shannon for years. Between her divorce from David Beador, downsizing her home, and weight issues, Shannon has often turned to a drink one too many times. But everyone can agree that while the DUI was a long time coming for Shannon, no one wanted to see Archie in this situation. 

What Punishment Did Shannon Recieve? 

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While some may have been hoping that Shannon would be given some jail time, the judge ruled that she be sentenced to three years of probation and 40 hours of community service. The mother of three is also required to complete a nine-month alcohol program, according to People. Shannon also had to pay restitution for the home she damaged, which she has already done. 

Shannon did not attend her sentencing and instead allowed her lawyer to talk for her. Some fans would have liked to see Shannon show her face in the midst of her battle, but she seemed to want to stay hidden by the shadows. 

Is Shannon Skirting Taking Responsibility?

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We all saw the photos of Shannon trying to get out of her car and walk away with Archie as if she were on her normal nightly stroll, so forgive us viewers who feel like she isn’t taking full ownership of the situation and might not be taking the proper steps to address her issues. For years, Shannon’s issues with alcohol have been spotlighted and recurring, but this last season showed Shannon spiraling out of control as she drank a bit too much and claimed that CPS was going to take Gina Kirschenheiter‘s kids away back in 2019.

It was clear the vodka wasn’t her friend. According to TMZ, Shannon entered a “behavioral wellness program with an alcohol component.” So why not enter a proper AA program—I mean, right down the street are multiple Malibu rehab centers. The choice signaled that Shannon might not truly believe she has a drinking problem. 

Shannon Is Still Touring With Tres Amigas

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The Bravo star is just one big ball of contradiction. Shannon is still touring with Vicki Gunvalson and Tamra Judge on their semi-comedy tour, which seems a bit insensitive. Yes, she still needs to pay her bills, but their act is centered around drinking tequila. The outlet reported that she would not be drinking, but will a shot-ski slip through? 

In a recent interview with E! Shannon had the nerve to declare that she never would “drink and drive. I’m the Uber girl. But you know there were a lot of unhealthy things going on in my life, and I did drink more alcohol.”

What the actual f*ck, Shannon? The statement is asinine. She went on to state, “I’m eliminating and have eliminated a lot of the toxic and unhealthy things in my life. I was offered, actually, multiple free stays at alcohol rehabs, but I chose a behavioral one because I want to figure out what’s going on in my head, so I make good choices from now on.”

Shannon Could Have Been in Denial

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To paraphrase Emily Simpson, at times, Shannon needed a breathalyzer on her phone to keep from calling everyone at night when she’s blacked out. Even these funny yet harsh comments didn’t hit home with the mother of three. This season, many of her co-stars shared that Shannon had called them and actually forgot what she had told them—mainly about her issues with John. 

The lack of wherewithal would be an alarm bell for most. But Shannon just seemed to push her head further and further into the sand. Shannon is rich enough to Uber everywhere; frankly, there was no excuse.