Why Monica Garcia and Heather Gay May Be the Next Big Real Housewives Feud

Heather Gay RHOSLC

If viewers were worried that the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City was going to be dull without its resident villain, Jen Shah, they were mistaken. Season 4 of the Utah-based franchise is giving life thanks to newbie Monica Garcia.

We have already seen the mother of four reveal her affair with her brother-in-law, her toxic relationship with her mother, and her inability to befriend the Sundance queen, Lisa Barlow. Monica is, in fact, everything the franchise needed. However, Heather Gay might not agree with our opinion after a recent lawsuit. 

Feuds are a dime a dozen when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise. Teresa Giudice has a hit list that shows up on Santa’s naughty or nice list. Karen Huger loves to remind everyone that she will not be toppled as the Grand Dame. But the newbie of Salt Lake City isn’t sitting back amidst her new feud with Heather, as the two women both speak publicly about their bruhaha. 

What Kind of Business Is Heather Running?

Heather Gay/Instagram

Real Housewives of Salt Lake City fans learned that Heather’s company, Beauty Lab + Laser, filed a lawsuit against Monica in August. According to The Sun, the paperwork claims that the reality TV rookie failed to pay off her tab.

As we all know, you never come between a Real Housewives star and their money. The court documents insist that Monica signed a contract on December 10, 2019, which stipulated she would pay $2,449 for services rendered. It has been alleged that the Brea Baby founder only coughed up $449 toward the total. 

Monica Hits Back

Monica Garcia/Instagram

As far as we know, Bravo cameras have not been rolling on this very much real-life fight. Monica has clapped back at Heather’s business, alleging she was given “botched injections” on her lips and nose. Monica actually has countersued, stating she “received defective, negligently given injections, which did not have the intended, promised result.”

Almost immediately, what jumped to my mind was Monica could be telling the truth. Last season, we did see Heather with a black eye, which many thought could be from a botched Botox injection. Bruising is super common after a filler injection, with Heather’s swelling actually starting earlier in the day. Heather’s black eye didn’t even resemble a normal one and actually looked like Ptosis, which is a rare reaction to Botox. She could have just been covering up for her spa. 

Both Heather and Monica Have Turned to Social media

Heather Gay/Instagram

Not surprisingly, both RHOSLC stars have turned to social media regarding their blooming feud. The Bad Mormon author wrote a raving review of her own business, citing that “Beauty Lab + Laser is a phenomenal business, in the top 1% of providers, with over 3,000 positive reviews.”

Heather went on to ensure that their injections are nationally ranked, noting, “This lawsuit in the press has no merit and is, unfortunately, a pattern of behavior from a desperate woman who, when unable to pay her bills, lashes out to avoid accountability.”

Not willing to budge or bust out her checkbook, Monica seemingly replied to the post with her own Instagram Story, writing, “My only comment at this time is see you at the reunion. Xoxo, Monica GARCIA, BETCH.”

There is a clear divide as most of the women have shown support for Heather. Angie Katsanevas wrote, “So proud of you and Dre for what you have built in SLC.” Meredith Marks also took to the comments, writing, “Love my vampire facials and Botox! ?”

One Spark Away From Igniting a New War

Heather Gay/Instagram

This current battle doesn’t feel like a made-up storyline, as it is a personal attack against Heather’s place of work. The amount of money seems petty, if I am being honest. Especially since news broke, via The Daily Mail, that Monica’s divorce was just finalized, giving her $6K a month, surely, she would be able to pay off her bill with that kind of alimony.

But since she hasn’t, the question remains—was she botched at Beauty Lab + Laser? The reunion will surely be a scene from Dante’s Inferno as the two women battle it out. Receipts need to be brought, and sides will be chosen, and my money’s on Monica ending up standing on an island all alone while the others rally around Heather.