Seriously, How Did Heather Gay Get That Black Eye?

Heather Gay RHOSLC Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
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We may never know how Heather Gay from the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City damaged her eye, but fans have their ideas. Heather admitted she blacked out during the reunion, which seemed odd for the former Mormon and mother of three. Andy Cohen acknowledged that there is no other footage from the night in question, which suggests she did have a mishap.

But most Bravo fans feel there was something more sinister at play. So, let’s get to the bottom of this unsolved mystery. 

Heather Blacked Out


One theory presented by a podcaster called Zack Peter, via @socialitegossip, shared that a faucet may have been to blame for Heather’s black eye. During the video, Zack took issue with one particular bathroom object. “I’ve been able to confirm this with three different people,” he said. “Nobody hit her, and it’s not bad Botox. She banged her eye… I guess there was a faucet in Heather Gay’s bathroom, and she walked into the bathroom when she was drunk and hit it.”

How does one merely walk into a bathroom and hit a faucet that isn’t naturally at eye level? Heather would have had to be bending over and somehow hooked her face under the tap and in the basin of the sink. It doesn’t physically make sense, so we don’t love this theory.

Bad Botox

Heather Gay
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It isn’t hard to assume that most Real Housewives have dabbled with fillers and Botox. Heather, who owns her own beauty spa, has ample access to most treatments and is open about the fact that she gets Botox. One theory suggests that the black eye came from an injection gone wrong. One side effect of Botox is bruising, which is quite common. Naturally, if Heather’s eye did come from filler, it wouldn’t look suitable for her Beauty Lab + Laser establishment. 

Eagle-eyed viewers also pointed out that Heather showed hints of swelling earlier in the day, hours before the incident occurred. This theory feels like one of the most logical, as keeping her mouth shut would protect herself and her business. Doctors discourage anyone who undergoes the procedure from drinking alcohol, as it can cause more bruising. But as fans saw, Heather clearly drank that night. 

Heather’s black eye doesn’t look like most black eyes that result from getting hit. The Bravo star had no bruising or swelling under her eye, only on the lid. Heather could have been suffering from ptosis, which, according to The National Library of Medicine, is again a possible side effect of Botox. According to the site, eyelid ptosis resulting from Botox usually settles within three to four weeks of treatment.

Jen Punched Heather

Jen Shah RHOSLC Real Housewives of Salt Lake City
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At the time of the episode, almost everyone believed that Jen Shah smacked Heather square in the face. Jen was known for her wild and violent outbursts, so it’s possible she took her anger out on her friend. Even though Jen was eventually invited to the Season 3 reunion, she was banned from BravoCon. This led viewers to believe she was banned for the physical assault on Heather. However, we doubt this one to be true. Some went as far as to feel that Heather was staying quiet about the supposed assault out of respect for Jen’s ongoing legal case.  

Lisa Barlow wrapped the whole situation up in a nice bow, noting in a confessional that Bravo and Heather were probably trying to milk a situation that was just an accident. “I’m like, OK, they were pretty wasted,” Lisa commented. “Heather drinks all day, pretty much every single day, so I’m like, maybe she tripped and fell and is humiliated about it. The fact that Heather’s being so coy about this and not flat out saying what happened to her—we would all stop talking about this. I’m like, Heather, do you need more attention? Is this a diversion from, like, last night’s conversation?”

Leave it to Detective Barlow to figure it all out.