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RHOSLC’s Monica Garcia Hits Back at Mom Linda’s ‘Peace Offering’ After Car Kidnap

While Real Housewives of Salt Lake City star Monica Garcia is making waves amongst her cast, her mom was a complete tsunami during her childhood. As any child of a dysfunctional parent can tell you, the hurt never goes away and sometimes it can make you a little crazy.

Monica is definitely making a name for herself on the show, but so is her mother. We’ve already seen Mother Linda holding Monica’s car hostage. Viewers were also treated to Linda Darnell going full “woe as me” at a restaurant. Now RHOSLC fans saw Monica bite back and send her mom on a little walk. E! News has the details.

Linda releases the automotive hostage

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On the November 14 episode of RHOSLC, Linda can’t seem to stay away from the camera. The mother and daughter duo are still fighting and not for nothing, I think Linda likes it. After the October 31 show found Linda taking her child’s method of transportation, now she’s back, back, back again.

Showing up without calling first was a choice Linda made, but I get the feeling many of Linda’s choices are made without prior thought. Bless her damn heart. Linda pops up at Monica’s and says, “I come bearing gifts.” The “gift” is the car Monica has been using to run her kids around. Monica replied, “This is not a gift!”

Instead, Linda decided returning the SUV was a “peace offering” but Monica was not amused. “I can’t do this anymore. I can’t live with when you get upset or mad, that you are just going to come and take my car from me,” Mon said to her mom.

While Linda promised “never to do it again,” Monica was undeterred. “This is our pattern,” she tried to explain. “Our relationship has always been very volatile and very up and down. It’s like high highs and low lows,” Monica added.

Now Linda wants to go to counseling to work on their issues with each other. As a casual viewer, I wondered if Linda ever wanted to work on things before her daughter was on a TV show.

Dysfunction junction

“I clearly have some skills to learn,” Linda shared. Oh, like not causing a scene when Monica enters a room? “When we had dinner, I was serious about therapy. I think it would be so good for us. We need to get back on track. The cycle of dysfunction in our family goes back generations, right? You and I can be the ones to break it,” she noted.

Monica is still not having it and says, “Mom, you just kidnapped my car from me and you want to talk about dysfunction?” Ultimately Monica did get her ride back, for now. And Linda was made to walk an entire half-mile home, which she is currently complaining about on social media.

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