Why Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky Divorcing Might Be For the Best

Kyle and Mo
(Photo by Paul Archuleta/Getty Images)

No one likes to hear about a breakup unless you are an avid Real Housewives fan. Then, the game is different. Every time we hear about a new cheating scandal or affair, our ears perk up like a puppy with a bone, and we start counting down the days until the new season divulges the truth so that we can pick it all apart. When word came down the line that Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky were calling it quits, our jaws hit the floor.

The couple has been on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills since day one and often gave us viewers hope that true love existed. They seemed perfect for one another and really complimented each other’s best qualities. They often gave out advice to their fellow co-stars who looked up to them. So, to hear that a divorce was looming left us all a bit shell-shocked. But a divorce might be the best thing for the struggling couple. Here’s why. 

Happier Home Environment

Kyle Richards/Instagram

If Mo and Kyle decided to go through with the divorce, all of their daughters, Alexia Umansky, Sophia Umansky, and Portia Umansky, would have a more settled home life. Viewers have already seen both parents lose their cool with one another during Portia’s 15th birthday party, so it is safe to assume there has probably been much more tension than they are used to. Any fighting can be harmful to the children and stall their own love lives.  

Even though it may not feel like a positive step forward, a divorce can help create a healthy home environment not only for themselves but for their daughters, too. The idea of co-parenting may seem like unfamiliar territory for Kyle, but the long-term benefits for the entire family surely outweigh the short-term upheaval. The house is also big enough that the two wouldn’t have to run into one another if they didn’t want to. 

Each Can Now Pursue Their Own Career Full Time

Kyle Richards/Instagram

It is clear that Kyle and Mauricio are passionate about their respective careers. Kyle’s acting has had a resurgence thanks to the Halloween franchise that made her a child star. She has also been in and out of the 90210 area code, thanks to her other acting projects. 

Mo also has had success with his real estate firm, The Agency. Mo once told Worth that he is so successful because he divides his real estate into “new developments, resales, and creative.” Kyle’s estranged husband has achieved nearly $4 billion in real estate sales and holds the title of selling the most homes in the country priced above $20 million.

With a divorce, both can surely spend even more time tweaking their careers to become the best they can be, giving them personal gratification. 

They Can Find Their Second Love

Kyle Richards/Instagram

With the cheating rumors surrounding both Kyle and Mauricio, it could be a divorce is exactly what they are looking for. It is quite possible that after 27 years of marriage, the couple didn’t have much to talk about anymore. Now, with an empty nest, the two easily could have moved apart. By finding new partners, Kyle and Mo could be reliving a youthful feeling they have been missing for years.

Kyle has been seen out and about with Morgan Wade, and even though she denies a  romantic relationship, she has admitted to a strong friendship. Whether the mother of four has cheated or not, a new budding friendship could have given Kyle the insight she needed to realize her marriage wasn’t working out for her. Mo has never admitted to stepping out, but with a divorce, he could begin looking for a new connection that provides him with everything Kyle lacked.  

Staying Friends Is an Option

Kyle Richards/Instagram

The couple once based their marriage on their strong friendship. If a divorce is inevitable, it can be done amicably, which would mean they have a fighting chance at staying friends. Since they do have children, it would make sense that they would want to show a united front and mutual respect for one another since they still will have to see one another at holidays, weddings, and other family gatherings.

Hopefully, if they go through with their divorce, it won’t become messy, but all is fair in love and war.