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RHOSLC Season 4 Reunion Seating Chart Revealed: Monica Garcia and Heather Gay Go Head-To-Head

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City are killing it this season. Even newbies Monica Garcia and Angie Katsanevas have plenty to argue about. What was Jen Shah saying about the series not being able to survive without her?

And as the season progresses, fans can start looking ahead to the reunion to see who has made up and who still harbors resentment since production wrapped. Also, the seating chart reveals which RHOSLC housewives did their job this season.

Is Whitney Rose losing influence?

@BravoTV shared a diagram of the seating that was just released from the network. “We’re squashing the rumors…here is the official #RHOSLC Reunion Seating Chart!” the chart was captioned.

Andy Cohen’s right-hand lady is the reigning newbie, Monica. She’s proved her worth for sure, taking on Lisa Barlow and her privileged lifestyle for everybody’s entertainment. Accordingly, the Vida Tequila founder is seated in the second space on Andy’s left side.

Her issues with Meredith Marks are by no means resolved, but Lisa has more pressing issues. Should she choose to take Meredith on for dressing her in a belly-dancer outfit to eat at a Michelin-star restaurant, Meredith and Lisa are seated across from each other.

Then rounding out Andy’s right flank is Whitney Rose, seated at the end of the sofa. Goodness knows she tried. She tried her darndest to put Meredith in her place in Palm Springs. Then there was the failed attempt at lunch with Mary Cosby. Mary is, surprisingly, participating in the reunion and is seated at the end of the other couch. Let’s see what kind of uninterested, pithy statements she will come up with.

Seated next to Mary is Angie. It’s an interesting choice given how Mary feels about sitting near the RHOSLC newbie. Angie is well-placed to respond to her many grievances with Meredith.

Finally, Heather Gay was given the other seat next to Andy. Basically, she’s the lady of the hour this season with her new book. Perhaps the Bravo executive is still trying to get an answer on the black-eye caper.

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