Shep Rose
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Shep Rose Reveals Where He Stands With Former Southern Charm Stars

Shep Rose, as the seasoned OG cast member of Southern Charm, has seen co-stars come and go over the years. Needless to say, but while Shep acts like one of the good ole boys usually, he has a soft spot in his heart for the female friendships in his life.

So it makes sense that Shep would nurture relationships of Southern Charm alums; most of them being females, interestingly enough. And he spoke about the co-workers that he still has contact with.

Shep keeps in touch with several former ladies of the series

Shep gave an update to Bravo’s The Daily Dish about Southern Charm stars of seasons past.

First up, and probably the most obvious, is Cameran Eubanks Wimberly. She left the series after vicious rumors about infidelity in her marriage surfaced. Still a good friend to Shep, he revealed that he often turns to the mother-of-one for advice.

“Cameran — we text, we sometimes call each other,” Shep said. “I owe her a phone call ’cause I have to ask her a question. She’s my little Yoda sometimes.”

Perhaps a bit of serendipity occurred as the duo met up for lunch a few weeks later. They posted about it on socials on October 17.

“Scheduled a lunch today with my old friend [Cameran Wimberly]. It had been a long time. Like pre-Covid we figured,” Shep captioned his post. “And as luck would have it[,] little Palmer had a teacher work day so it was the three of us. It her birthday next Month so we went shopping for a present after lunch. I always liked [Christmas] ornaments as a present [because] it’s a nice reminder of the gift once a year. Sadly, the farting dog stayed on the shelf.”

For her part, Cameran shared a picture of herself and Shep with the caption, “Old Sport.”

Craig Conover’s ex-girlfriend Naomie Olindo still calls Shep a friend. They even met up “recently.”

Shep revealed, “She came over and gave a big hug. And we talk[ed] and she was very honest with me about some things in her life, which I appreciate, [which] I love. Cause that’s what I consider friendship [to be], so I was pleased to see her in that manner.”

Chelsea Meissner recently gave birth to a baby girl. Shep is “very happy for her.” And while she may not be getting out much these days, she does keep in touch with her former castmate.

“Haven’t seen her, but we message each other,” he revealed. “I don’t even know who the guy is, so I should be closer with Chelsea, but she does her own thing. And she knows I care about her and vice versa.”

Finally, the former leading lady herself. Shep spoke of his friendship with Kathryn Dennis. Fans will recall her volatile nature on the show, but she always remained tight with the male friends of the group.

“I have not seen Kathryn Dennis, but if I did, I would give her a gigantic hug,” Shep revealed.

It’s nice to reminisce about the days that Shep wasn’t the center of all the drama. Now, with Taylor Ann Green acting the fool from heartbreak, it seems Shep is getting more attention than he wants.

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