Why We’re Excited For the Future Of Below Deck Sailing Yacht

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Colin MacRae did not film for Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5, but he did show up for BravoCon 2023. To backtrack, after joining in Season 2, Colin quickly became a fan favorite. Working alongside Daisy Kelliher and Gary King, a tight trio of co-workers formed. All three returned for Seasons 3 and 4, cementing their staple cast member status for this particular Below Deck spin-off.

Unfortunately, Season 4 destroyed this threesome. To recap, Gary and Daisy have always maintained a flirtatious banter while Colin was taken, avoiding boatmance dramas. In Season 4, however, Colin was single. In addition, Gary was late to the boat, as he was still testing positive for COVID-19.

When Gary finally stepped on board, he learned that the newly single Colin was vibing with Daisy. In turn, Gary dropped a bombshell, sharing that he and Daisy had hooked up prior to filming. Likewise, Colin had also hooked up with Daisy in this time frame. Enter in chaos, tears, and eventually, a Daisy and Colin pairing.

As we saw during the Season 4 reunion, however, Colin and Daisy have since parted ways. Colin called their relationship toxic, and Daisy cried. Meanwhile, greasy Gary got away almost scot-free. As we all know now, Gary’s fallout would arrive shortly after. More on that in a bit.

After this heated reunion, Colin decided to cease filming. He and Daisy also unfollowed each other online. As a result, the future of this hit Bravo series was left feeling uncertain.

Sadly, for many reasons that we’ll explain, Season 5 might be a tough pill to swallow (insert maritime law jokes here). Yet, Colin’s appearance at BravoCon has renewed our hopes for BDSY’s future. Here’s an explainer of how some recent, exciting developments could now save the Parsifal III from sinking to the ocean’s floor.

Why Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 Will Be Tough

Gary King/Instagram

Every season, Gary finds himself involved in a love triangle. Most of the time, the ladies have welcomed his advances (WHY?!), though a few times, we’d see Gary being denied. Never really held accountable for anything, Gary’s fame time with Bravo came to a crashing halt post filming for Season 4. To explain, an explosive Rolling Stone article was released, where a production member named Samantha Suarez claimed that Gary had attempted to force himself on her during filming for Season 4.

Several crew members also stated that they’ve witnessed Gary “constantly” making women uncomfortable with his aggressive pursuits. One anonymous source went even further, alleging that they saw Gary grab a cast member’s butt, touching her despite her saying “No.” Shortly after this exposé was released, the calls for canceling Gary began. Bravo went first, uninviting Gary’s man bun from BravoCon, on which Gary took zero accountability, likely sealing his fate with the network.

Word on the street is that Gary already filmed BDSY Season 5 before the allegations about him came out. With viewers now truly disgusted by, or bare minimum tired of, Gary’s antics, it’s possible that a large population will be tuning out. The only fix for this would be to have Bravo edit out Gary from each scene, just like they did for Peter Hunziker when a racist online post resurfaced.

At this point, Below Deck Sailing Yacht is in trouble. If they edit Gary out, the storylines might be a miss, as he’s usually at the center of each season’s drama. If they keep him in, they run the risk of loosing viewers. Either way, the airing of BDSY Season 5 will be problematic.

Well, Well, Well, Bravo Flew Colin to BravoCon

Colin MacRae/Instagram

Almost immediately following Gary’s cancellation from BravoCon and his ‘woe is me’ post, Colin made us laugh, as he posted an image of himself on a plane, Vegas bound. Was this shade, or was it just coincidental timing on Colin’s end?

As Colin is not currently on this series, and had expressed his desire to step away, instead sailing around the world on his catamaran, his sudden resurfacing makes us excited. Hopefully, production has realized how valuable Colin is for this series, and therefore, maybe they are courting him for a Season 6 return (remember, Season 5 is already in the can), since Gary’s toast. Whether or not Colin wants to return though is another question…

On Another Exciting Note, Colin and Daisy Reconciled

US Weekly/YouTube

The last time that we heard from Daisy and Colin, their relationship was DOA. On the BravoCon carpet, Daisy stated that she was a little nervous to see Colin again. When a reporter told Colin this, he admitted that he too was nervous to see his former friend. However, he then revealed that the pair had actually crossed paths that morning, and that they had even shared a hug.

“We were great friends before everything went down, so I feel like we can get back there fairly easily…No hard feelings on my behalf,” Colin shared. When asked if this trio could ever work a charter together again, Colin answered “I’m sure we could.” This is exciting, as Colin was a breath of fresh air on this series. But more likely, this threesome would become a duo moving forward, as Gary’s future on-air still remains uncertain.

What These Recent Developments Could Mean For BDSY’s Future

Captain Glenn Shephard/Instagram

With Colin once again facing Bravo’s many cameras last week, our hopes have been renewed that we haven’t seen the last of his presence on-air. While he did state that he was still with his girlfriend, his friendship with Daisy is at least back on track. This reconciliation means they’d likely be open to filming together again, should Colin agree. A peaceful Daisy and Colin storyline, one that’s not tainted by Gary’s underhanded ways, would be really great.

If Below Deck Sailing Yacht brings back Colin for Season 6, while ousting the problematic Gary, this series has the potential to return to its beloved status. Bravo executives, if you are reading this, please do whatever it takes to get Colin. Daisy needs her buddy, and we need a season that showcases their healed friendship.