Everything That’s Leaked About Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 4 Reunion Recap
(Photo by: Fred Jagueneau/Bravo via Getty Images)

The Below Deck franchise on Bravo has launched many successful spin-offs since it’s inception in 2013. One of these spin-offs is Below Deck Sailing Yacht, which has just finished airing Season 4. In this series, Captain Glenn Shephard faithfully leads his crew each season onboard the Parsifal III sailing yacht. Since Season 2, Chief Stew Daisy Kelliher, First Officer Gary King, and Chief Engineer Colin MacRae have joined Captain Glenn for filming.

These three yachties have now become the faces of Below Deck Sailing Yacht. Their tightly-knit friendship and playful banter have always made for great television. However, Season 4 was rough on this faithful trio. During the Season 4 reunion, it became clear that some of these friendships were fractured beyond repair.

Here’s a quick recap to help break this down: Daisy and Gary’s long-standing flirtation came to a head. This was due to Gary’s “casual” leaking of his and Daisy’s physical encounter(s) in between Seasons 3 and 4. This news came as a shock to Colin, as he and Daisy were entering into a boatmance when this revelation struck.

During the reunion, a since broken-up Daisy and Colin threw stones at each other, each blaming a lack of trust as the cause. The two are no longer close. Gary is still friends with both of his coworkers, however.

Currently, Below Deck fans have their eyes open wide for signs of Season 5’s filming. Images of a crew alongside the Parsifal III have been taken (and shared). Other fans have undergone deep dives on social media to unearth possible new cast members. With that in mind, here is everything that’s been leaked about Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5.

The Filming Location

Below Deck/Reddit

Last month, a fan caught sight of the Parsifal III docked in Ibiza. Images of this infamous vessel were immediately shared over on the Below Deck subreddit. A film crew can even be seen onboard capturing footage. Shortly after this was shared, another fan on a cruise in Ibiza spotted the Parsifal III with a group of charter guests off of the coast of an Ibizan village.

With these two sightings in mind, the Balearic Islands are likely Season 5’s location.

Only Two Returning Cast Members Have Been Spotted

Below Deck/Reddit

While we can safely assume that Captain Glenn will return for Season 5, the other cast members have held a large question mark post Season 4’s drama. That said, several days after the Parsifal III’s spotting, fans caught sight of a new cast eating dinner in an Ibizan town, Dalt Vila. Within the image, Gary and Daisy are clearly seen. Colin is noticeably absent.

If there are any Colin stans reading this, hopeful that Colin is just resting onboard and not at this dinner, I have bad news. Online, Colin is sharing videos on his YouTube Channel, Parlay Revival. These videos show that Colin is currently sailing across the Pacific Ocean on his Catamaran. As the Balearic Islands are connected to the Atlantic Ocean, Colin’s return for Season 5 is unlikely.

Regarding the other Season 4 cast mates, the images making the rounds do not feature any of their faces. However, Deckhand Alex Propson actually announced during the reunion that he will be appearing on another hit Bravo show. Alex is joining the cast of Winter House Season 3.

Based on the leaked images, it appears that Daisy and Gary will be the only returning faces from Season 4. The fans detectives within the same subreddit, however, have unearthed two of the possible new crew’s identities, alleging that one of the blondes appears to be Danni Warren. Side note, Danni’s Instagram recently followed Gary.

NO, Danni, RUN.

Danni also follows Chef Cloyce Martin, whose recent joins are people currently located in Ibiza. If Chef Cloyce is indeed appearing in Season 5, he will have big shoes to fill from the Season 4 Chef, Ileisha Dell. To note, while these 2 new crew members are not verified, their likeness does resemble those within the leaked image.

A Housewife Will Charter The Parsifal III

Tiffany Moon/Instagram

Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Moon has posted images of herself onboard the Parsifal III in Ibiza in recent weeks. In her many shared posts of gourmet food, beachy tablescapes, and stunning sunsets, fans are weighing in to ask if she was indeed there for filming. While Tiffany is not responding to these specific inquiries, her timeline of posting coincides with that of the current filming schedule taking place. Therefore, it stands to reason that Tiffany will likely make an appearance in Season 5.

Season 5’s Premiere Date – An Educated Guess

Below Deck Bravo/Instagram

Fans of this series will likely be waiting awhile for Captain Glenn’s latest adventures to broadcast. If keeping to its typical schedule, Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 5 will begin to air sometime around February – April of 2024.

That’s a long time to wait for answers, but wait we will.