Julia Lemigova and Larsa Pippen at BravoCon 2023
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Julia Lemigova Says Larsa Pippen ‘Betrayed’ Guerdy Abraira

When Real Housewives of Miami stars Larsa Pippen and Guerdy Abraira met for lunch, Guerdy made an important decision. She decided to share her breast cancer diagnosis with Larsa. Guerdy made it abundantly clear that she told her RHOM co-star “in confidence.” Of course, Larsa has no idea what that means.

Shortly afterward, Larsa told Kiki Barth, Marysol Patton, Lisa Hochstein, and Alexia Nepola about Guerdy’s diagnosis. Not only did Larsa break Guerdy’s confidence, but she also treated it like gossip. So uncool, Larsa.

Julia Lemigova blasted Larsa for revealing Guerdy’s secret

Guerdy Abraira at The Real Housewives of Miami reunion
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Julia Lemigova was furious at Larsa for sharing Guerdy’s cancer diagnosis. “Even though I speak five languages and sometimes I mix them up, ‘in confidence’ in English means in confidence. And Larsa did not respect that,” Julia told Page Six. “So, she made a mess, and it’s not OK.”

“Guerdy was very clear. She was very, very clear.” Julia continued, “She said, ‘You’re the fourth person in the group who I told.’ She stole Guerdy’s moment to tell her friends, to tell the world. This is not OK.” I totally agree with Julia.

Guerdy previously shared her breast cancer diagnosis with Julia, Dr. Nicole Martin, and Adriana de Moura. But she hadn’t told the rest of her co-stars.

Julia’s strong reaction to Larsa’s behavior could partly be from her wife’s recent cancer battle. Tennis superstar Martina Navratilova was diagnosed with breast cancer and Stage 1 throat cancer in 2022. She announced in June 2023 that she was cancer-free.

“Martina, when she was diagnosed with cancer, very few people knew. The people she shared it with never betrayed her,” Julia stated. “I feel Larsa betrayed Guerdy.”

Then Julia compared Larsa to Elvis, her goat. “She reminds me of my goat,” Julia said. “She sh*ts everywhere and then runs off as if it’s OK, right? My goats are supposed to do that, but that’s not OK what Larsa does.” I’m sure Larsa is simply beaming at the comparison.

Larsa defends herself

Larsa explained her side of the story last week on social media. Bravotalktoomuch posted a clip of Larsa spilling the beans and called it “effed up.”

Naturally, Larsa sounded off in the comments. “I called and texted Guerdy after she called me fake in the press. She never responded. We argued back and forth which wasn’t shown then she told me was diagnosed w/ breast [cancer],” Larsa wrote. “I was shocked and I wanted to rally the girls to support her. I’ve been nothing but a good friend to her.”

Unfortunately, Larsa seemed more about spreading the gossip than getting help for Guerdy. Thankfully, Guerdy shared at BravoCon that she is cancer-free.

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