Why Southern Charm Needs Kathryn Dennis Back

Kathryn Dennis
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Southern Charm fans first met the 21-year-old Kathryn Dennis during Season 1 when she first met Thomas Ravenel. Kathryn was fiery, beautiful, and a free spirit, but her flame soon faded. The two had a tumultuous relationship that included a lot of fighting and questions about how controlling the former treasurer of South Carolina was over the young redhead. But by 2015, the couple had a daughter and son. 

Throughout her time on the show, Kathryn became known as an explosive personality due to her ongoing battles with Thomas and the rest of the cast. She never balked when it came to standing up for herself, which most fans admired. Fans enjoyed following Kathryn’s story and always hoped for the best outcome for her, so when she announced her departure from the series, viewers worried the show wouldn’t be the same, and it seems that their worries may have been justified.

Kathryn Needs a Redemption Season

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Without a doubt, Kathryn and her antics carried the show for multiple seasons. Recently, Kathryn found herself in the news on October 20th for an alleged hit-and-run. The news got fans thinking that Kathryn could really use a redemption season to get back on the right track.

The last Southern Charm fans really heard was that she was still fighting for visitation and custody while Thomas moved their children to Aiken, SC. It would be nice to see Kathryn winning at life instead of constantly struggling. 

It also didn’t help that Kathryn’s last season showed her being criticized for her family heritage and out-of-touch mindset. Craig Conover hinted that Kathryn actually filmed a few scenes for Season 9, which gave hope that Kathryn could come back in a full-capacity role.

While at BravoCon, the Sewing Down South owner revealed that “Shep and I actually filmed with her this year. I don’t think it was supposed to happen, but we did it, and I think they did it as a favor to us because we love her so much.” Sadly, he doesn’t think fans will see the footage. 

The Show Has Taken a Nose Dive

Taylor Ann Green, Leva Bonaparte Southern Charm
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What made the show great was the truly bizarre ecosystem of Charleston, where having a family member who was prominent on the wrong side of the Civil War conferred higher status. Watching these Southern ladies and gentlemen who were born with silver spoons in their mouths was interesting, but now the last two seasons have been a bit boring. Some personalities like Leva Bonaparte and Venita Aspen add nothing to the series, and while they are lovely women, fans don’t want to see well-behaved people on a reality TV show. 

You can’t deny that with the exit of Cameran Eubanks, Naomi Olindo, Chelsea Meissner, and the JD scandal, the series has taken a significant hit over the last few seasons. Fans were given lines by Kathryn that were iconic, including “Stop yelling, you sound like a f*cking dolphin!” and “Good thing Thomas’ new girlfriend is a hospice nurse, that will come in handy.”

The shade from Kathryn was relentless, and the series needs it back. 

The Charmer Guys Want Kathryn Back

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During BravoCon 2023, all the Charleston men voiced the same feelings about how much they “love” the mother of two. Craig championed Kathryn, saying, “The point of me telling you that is we would love for her to come back. I think the door is always open. I know a lot of people here have recently; we’ve been in contact with her.” Austen Kroll also speaks to Kathryn often and hopes the network invites her back. 

Shep Rose also stood up for his former flame, noting, “We’ve all come a long way, and we’ve seen the bumps, the bruises, and all that stuff. And unfortunately, you know, Kathryn stumbles sometimes. We do love her ’cause there’s a person right inside her that we know is a good person.”

Kathryn is Southern Charm in every sense of the title, and the network would be foolish not to at least think of asking the star back. If anything, Kathryn’s return would give us a break from Austen’s jaunts with his friend’s exes.