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RHOP’s Karen Huger Slams ‘Lying’ Robyn Dixon

Karen Huger might be entering her exhausted era and she might bring a lot of Real Housewives of Potomac fans with her. Since Season 1 of RHOP, viewers have been waiting for some kind of resolution in Robyn Dixon’s relationship with Juan Dixon.

Juan is … a juanderer. He juanders around doing juandering things and Robyn seems to have a block against calling it what it is. People who watch the show have grown weary of Robyn’s denial or delusion of Juan’s extra-curricular activities. The cast is pretty much over it too, especially the Grand Dame. Karen detailed her frustrations to Us Weekly.

Lie lie and deny til you die

While Karen has great affection for her friendship with Robyn, she’s over the whole lying to protect her relationship thing. And so is everyone else. In fact, after Robyn and Gizelle Bryant did viewers dirty last season by taunting people with a Patreon podcast for info, she’s lucky she kept her slot on the show.

“Robyn and I have the most challenging relationship in the core group,” Karen began. She added, “I want her to win, but I want her to stop lying. If she can’t stop lying, what I’d like Robyn to do is accept the fact that we don’t believe their lies.”

Karen’s feelings reflect what a lot of the audience has been experiencing as well. Despite Robyn not offering essential plot lines to the show, she’s had one sitting right in front of her this entire time. Basically for eight seasons in a row, if we’re keeping track.

Recently Juan had more accusations of infidelity when he was juandering around a hotel with another woman. After getting busted, Juan said he paid for the room because this lady lost her wallet. For whatever reason, Robyn co-signed his obviously sketchy story.

It’s difficult for Karen to support Robyn when she’s being so blissfully ignorant to the situation and wants her to “own the truth.” “Own it and stop being ridiculous about it. Things happen in everyone’s marriage. I’ve been married for 27 years. It’s not easy, but she needs to put it at ease and especially if you’re going to be a member of this core group,” Karen continued

The BravoCon booing

The RHOP fans let Robyn know where she stands with them when she was booed at BravoCon this year. Karen understood the reaction but felt the crowd overdid it. “I didn’t like the boos for Robyn. I don’t think she deserves that,” Karen noted. Well, they also didn’t deserve to be asked for money so a woman on a reality show would “own it.”

Karen shared, “I do think her feet need to be held to the fire, and I think Robyn lied and needs to stop lying … Look, I’m a grown woman. I’m triple 20 now, so I would’ve approached it differently. I would’ve said, “Look, stay out of my business. You may not agree with the way I’m doing it, but this is how it’s done in my home and in my relationship.’ Instead of giving us some cockamamie excuse when the receipt is right there.”

Until then, the Juanderer will still be on the loose.

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