Should Teddi Mellencamp Have Been Fired From RHOBH?

Teddi Mellencamp
(Photo by Rick Kern/WireImage)

Out of all the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills cast, Teddi Mellencamp became one of the most polarizing housewives. When Teddi first stepped onto the Bravo scene, fans welcomed her. Even though she was reserved, there was potential, but after she tried her hand at becoming the moral authority for everyone, the act got old.

Some fans rejoiced when the daughter of John Mellencamp was let go, but others thought the firing was unwarranted. Whichever fence you sit on, whenever you bring up Teddi, you can expect an extremely heated discussion

Producers Call Out Teddi


Recently, Teddi and Tamra Judge had an interesting guest on their podcast—a producer from Bravo, Alex Baskin. Two T’s In a Pod really allowed the women to dive deep into what it was like being a famous housewife even though, arguably, fans could care less what Teddi was up to.

Years after her axing, Teddi asked the million-dollar question—why was she fired? Turns out she was really insecure. Alex shared, “In yours, I think there was a strong audience reaction to you. Not gonna deny that. And I also think that you were self-conscious.” Honestly, I can’t really remember Teddi on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to even have a real input on whether or not she was in her head. However, I don’t think she needed to be fired. 

Teddi Says What’s on Her Mind


The executive producer said it best when explaining what was pretty great about Teddi, noting that “production always had your back…was a big fan of yours because you would say things that other people were thinking and wouldn’t say.” This statement is true, especially when considering what Teddi said. The mother of three did have villainous tendencies, but this was what made her so easy to watch and hate. 

Teddi was very involved with puppygate with Lisa Vanderpump and Dorit Kemsley. Towards the end, Teddi started to play the victim card a bit too much, which made her come across as disingenuous. The great thing about Teddi was she was extremely hypocritical. The accountability coach failed to take accountability and only did so once when Dorit called her out. 

Season 10 Teddi Was Everything


Teddi had started to clearly read the blogs and wised up that she needed to step up her game a bit. Teddi took it upon herself to call out Denise Richards at a cast dinner, claiming a mutual friend had shared that she had been told that the James Bond actress said some horrendous things about Teddi. Evidently, being called “pathetic” isn’t favorable, even if it’s true. 

Remember her chunky 80s earrings and shoulder pads? We even loved to hate her enhanced attire. Basically, watching Teddi shame Denise for a sexual experience with Brandi Glanville wasn’t acceptable, but we loved to watch the fallout. More often than not, it was clear that Teddi was uncomfortable in her own skin, making viewers question the casting choice. 

What Has To Change for Teddi


If Teddi were to ever be re-gifted a diamond, she would have to make an effort. She would have to learn that she couldn’t go to producers to complain about the lack of a storyline since this will once again find her on the chopping block. I think if she came back in with the attitude that she is now showing on her podcast, the women would respect her more. However, my theory isn’t for everyone who, I presume, celebrate the fact that she got the axe.

Essentially, Teddi flew too close to the sun, choosing to stick close to her rigid principles. It didn’t help that she came across as very annoying, often thinking she was somehow superior. If she could bottle that superpower for good, she would be an unstoppable housewife.