Overrated Real Housewives Villains

Ramona Singer
(Photo by Gotham/GC Images)

There is nothing like a good villain origin story when it comes to the Real Housewives franchise, but sometimes, a few of the women who have chosen the life of evil fall short in fans’ minds. Some Bravo stars are just too thirsty for the scandalous role and find it hard to continue to act naughty. Not everyone can be a Cruella de Vil or He Should Not Be Named; sometimes, it is good to hang up your witch’s hat and call it a day.

Danielle Staub

Danielle Staub/Instagram

Now, before we get all up in arms about the OG Real Housewives of New Jersey villain, hear me out. Yes, Danielle Staub was epic for telling Teresa Giudice to “puh-lease” listen and for pulling Margaret Josephs‘ pigtails. But I don’t think the mother of two would have thought to do a lot of her evil plans without a bit of a push like we saw Teresa do inside the clothing boutique. Imagine the little devil on Danielle’s shoulder prodding her—this is what seemed to happen to the former dancer.

Danielle is a lot of bark with no bite. She often would brag about having ex-cons as bodyguards and bringing the Hells Angels to charity events for sick kids, but she always had an air of protection. She never went anywhere without security and never risked being jumped like she had done to so many others. During her time in the series, Danielle was chased more than she was the chaser. Frankly, fans want a pitbull, not a chihuahua. 

Kelly Dodd

Kelly Dodd
(Photo by Arturo Holmes/WireImage)

Thanks to her tantrums, Kelly Dodd often lost her title as a Real Housewives villain. Some top-tier performers, like Lisa Vanderpump and Erika Jayne, know how to keep their story going. But Kelly was best known for calling Shannon Beador the C word, telling Tamra Judge she was to blame for her daughter Sidney Barney not speaking to her, and hurling hurtful accusations on a never-ending loop. 

In fact, Kelly is more of a bully than a villain, resorting to low-brow tactics that include rallying her followers and calling out those on social media who she feels have wronged her. This list could include former cast members all the way to journalists—she does not discriminate when it comes to her barrage of insults. Kelly isn’t so much a big bad wolf as she is just a mean girl, and let’s not forget, THAT IS MY OPINION! 

Brandi Glanville

Brandi Glanville/Instagram

Many would agree that Brandi Glanville was too vile and crude who usually turned to below-the-belt blows to knock her co-stars for a loop. Yes, Brandi scared the living hell out of Scheana Shay, but I wouldn’t call her a villain. She was a scorned wife trying to make a point on national TV.

Brandi soon figured out her brazen attitude got her air time, but she has often taken her evil stepmother act too far, crossing multiple lines. Brandi became more of a liability for the network than an asset, proving she had no idea how to handle the power of evil. 

Ramona Singer

Ramona Singer/Instagram

The Singer Stinger that is Ramona Singer has always been a Real Housewives star that we loved to hate thanks to her unapologetic outlook on life. Sadly, Ramona’s dumb blonde moments often took a turn, showing a side of her that was nasty and disgusting. She is frustrating to watch and not in a fun kind of way due to her ability to brush off people’s feelings or concerns. Since Mario Singer dumped her, she hadn’t had a storyline in years, and she often seemed to skate by all the time. 

Recently, Bravo removed her from the BravoCon 2023 roster after Page Six reported she had used a racial slur again. During Season 13, a co-star accused Ramona of using a racial slur, and it became a complaint within Shed Media, Warner Bros. Discovery, Bravo, and NBCUniversal. Ramona is just bad for business.