Madison LeCroy at BravoCon 2023
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Madison LeCroy’s Tough Questions for Austen Kroll About Taylor Ann Green

She’s got his back. Despite having a tumultuous relationship that ended in December 2020, Madison LeCroy wants her ex-boyfriend, Austen Kroll, to find happiness. Though, undoubtedly, the Pillows And Beer podcast co-host has some maturing to do. He’s even in therapy to try and work on himself.

But so far, Austen is up to his usual ways with being vague with women and side-stepping commitment. Then, there was the make-out sesh with Taylor Ann Green, his best friend’s ex-girlfriend. This Southern Charm star has quite the reputation, but deep down, he’s got a good heart and is looking for the right partner. Maybe he’s found her. But that’s just the musings of Madison.

Austen deflects on answering

Madison had a heart to heart with Austen in this week’s episode of Southern Charm, and suggested that he has feelings for Taylor.

“I’ve seen you. I’ve seen your face. I’ve seen your demeanor,” Madison tells her ex-boyfriend as they sit on the beach at a resort in Jamaica. Craig Conover scheduled a cast trip so his co-stars could get to know his long distance girlfriend, Paige DeSorbo better.

“I feel like you love Taylor [Ann Green]. No?” Madison asked Austen, to which he started laughing.

“I would hate for you to not pursue something because of other people,” Madison explained. “I would hate for you not to pursue something because of other people.”

She looked over at Shep Rose, Taylor’s ex-boyfriend, who was socializing in another group and called him “the most selfish person in the entire world.”

Madison thinks that Austen’s loyalty to Shep and his “really good heart” is holding him back from pursuing a romance with Taylor. That and any modicum of respect for Olivia Flowers.

“I know you don’t want to hurt him,” Madison told Austen. “I know you don’t want to hurt [your ex] Olivia [Flowers]. But at the same time, what do you want to be happy for you?”

As per usual, Austen acts overwhelmed and doesn’t answer the question, which is more of a response than anything verbal. However, in real time, the two have not hooked up again. At least not made an public statement on the matter.

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