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Teresa Giudice Confuses Fans by Saying Ex-Husband Joe ‘Never Yelled’

Teresa Giudice is the resident OG of Real Housewives of New Jersey and despite some rough spots, she’s not going anywhere. Tre has a successful cooking show on YouTube and a popular podcast called Namaste B$tches.

While Teresa is one way on RHONJ, she’s quite different in casual mode for the podcast. One might almost call Tre relatable. She uses the platform to talk about life, the kids, and of course the show – but it’s a less obnoxious atmosphere because she isn’t surrounded by her suck-ups.

On a recent episode, Tre talked about everyone’s favorite subject, Juicy Joe Giudice. She always speaks so well of Joe, which is a refreshing change from how she speaks about other family members. This time, Teresa left fans scratching their heads after seemingly having a different perception of her ex than everyone else in the world.

Juicy Joe never yelled?

According to Tre, when she was married to Juicy Joe, he never yelled. Say what now? “When we used to be married, he never yelled,” she said. So it’s okay if your man treats you like crap in normal, dulcet tones of voice.

She continued, “My kids didn’t grow up with yelling in the house. And then Luis [Ruelas]’s even calmer… I mean Joe would speak and curse but not at me, it’s just the way he talked. Like he would curse when he talked.” No, but he literally treated her like garbage.

I guess what Tre is trying to say is, it was her norm for Joe to liberally use profanity as well as call her names meant to either be humiliating or degrading. Teresa’s co-host asked if she meant, “like shut the f*** up” for instance.

“Not to me. Just always when he talks he uses the f*** word a lot, yeah. Like if you have a conversation with Joe, he curses a lot. My father hated that, you know, you could have a conversation without cursing,” is this woman talking about another Joe Giudice that didn’t spend a great deal of time being a douche to her on camera?

Does Tre have willful amnesia?

We were all watching when Joe was on the phone with his (alleged) affair during the Season 4 Napa trip and he called Tre a see you next Tuesday, right? Did I dream this?

Fans were a bit confused and shared their feelings. One person wrote, “Are you delusional?? She’s lying to everyone. All of you that thinks she isn’t the problem I sure hope this proves she is or you are just as delusional!” Another added, “She does remember that she had cameras in her house, right??” An additional bewildered person shared, “Are you serious? We all watched Joe yell and call everyone names.”

Maybe Tre has blocked everything out and only remembers the good things. Unfortunately for her, the RHONJ fans remember everything.

Real Housewives of New Jersey will return to Bravo in 2024.