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Emily Simpson Predicts Shannon Beador Will ‘Spiral Out of Control’ if Alexis Bellino Returns to RHOC

Emily Simpson is making predictions about Shannon Beador but I wonder what she sees in the crystal ball about herself. Real Housewives of Orange County contracts are going out and only three ladies on the cast have received a dotted line to sign on. Taylor Armstrong is out and an alum might be in the batting cage.

Alexis Bellino has been in the news after being seen with Shannon’s ex-drinking buddy. After Shannon’s big DUI arrest in September, sources said before she ran up on a house, she was running her mouth about Alexis. Because Bravo wears messy boots, Lex might get her orange back – but according to Emily, it would send Shannon spiraling. Page Six has the scoop.

Shannon spiraling … again

Emily has no qualms about Alexis returning to RHOC but Emily might not be there herself… She does believe a Bellino return would send Shannon straight to the fetal position. “I want to see that! That is good TV,” Emily said. Kind of ironic because we’ve been waiting for “good TV” from Emily for approximately five years.

She added, “I’m sorry, but bring Alexis back and let Shannon spiral out of control.” What an interesting thing to say about one’s friend and co-star. That said, haven’t we been watching Shannon “spiral out of control” since she joined the show? Was her hit-and-run DUI arrest not enough spiraling for Emily?

Apparently, Emily and Alexis are cool with each other in the wild, so they have a pre-existing relationship. “Alexis and I have been friends for years. I love Alexis,” she noted. Em feels “fine” with a potential Alexis comeback and added, “I think it would be great.”

While Lex is mainly being dangled due to specifically triggering Shannon, Emily doesn’t think she’s actually hooking up with John Janssen. “First of all, I don’t think Alexis would choose to pursue that. Alexis is way smarter than that.” I’m not sure how friendly these two are because Alexis has already publicly acknowledged she’s getting to know John.

Emily continued, “And second of all, if she did choose that, I’d be like, ‘What the f—k are you thinking? Are you stupid?’” Says the woman who is married to a man who acted like he couldn’t stand her for his first two seasons on the show.

Shannon is positioned to spiral

She also confirmed Shannon isn’t taking the John and Alexis news very well. “I heard Shannon, like, lost her mind and was spiraling, so I don’t know. To me, I think it was just probably a random meet-up. Not like they’re dating and they went there together.” Em also maintains Shannon has her own peculiar way of seeing life events.

“A lot of things Shannon does and thinks and people she doesn’t like doesn’t make sense to me. I don’t really understand a lot about Shannon. So I don’t know. I just think putting her and Alexis together would be great TV. I want to watch that. Somebody sign me up for that!”

At this time, Emily doesn’t know if she will be watching this great TV from Shannon’s left side or her couch. Emily and Gina Kirschenheiter are still currently on the waiting list for RHOC contracts.