Fans Think Robyn Is Scared Of Janelle, Here’s Why

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There’s been considerable speculation Sister Wives star Robyn Brown is, in fact, scared of her former sister wife, Janelle Brown. Now, Kody Brown‘s fourth wife has been called a lot of things over the years—puppeteer, manipulative, crybaby—but not a scaredy cat. The mother of five has often gotten exactly what she has wanted by pouting and whispering sweet nothings into the patriarch’s ear. 

Robyn came into the family, claiming to be a breath of fresh air and wanting to unite the Brown clan. Instead, Robyn dropped acid rain onto the family. She ultimately split allegiances down the middle with her rules and ability to turn Kody’s neck. Some Brown family members saw right through her act, including Janelle. Kody’s second wife was never seen as acting mean. However, she sure as hell didn’t let Robyn walk all over her like a doormat. 

Janelle Could Be the Family Mob Boss

Janelle Brown/Instagram

Janelle has made her opinions known over the years, from her knack for numbers to her common sense approach to everyday problems. She was one of Kody’s better halves (fifths?) who seemed to really have her wits about her. That is, until her blowout fight with Kody, where she used some choice expletives. The TLC star has kept her cool for over 25 years, even amidst some Grade-A bullsh*t. Janelle has done a superb job at keeping her emotions in check while the other wives, including Robyn, came close to emotional breakdowns. 

This personality trait could be one that Robyn actually envies. As one fan pointed out on Reddit, “Robyn is intimidated by Janelle’s smarts and independence. She knows Kody respects Janelle and absolutely knows Janelle could cut her to shreds.”

Robyn may be called Sobbin’ Robyn, but she isn’t exactly dumb. Kody’s fourth wife knows exactly what she is doing when it comes to steering clear of Janelle. As fans have noted, Kody actually likes Janelle and is possibly the only woman he respects. So, Robyn wouldn’t want to rock the boat and cause issues that would draw too much attention to her being the problem. 

Kody Isn’t Over Janelle

Kody Brown Sister Wives

Even though Kody has tossed away Christine Brown and Meri Brown, he doesn’t seem quite done with Janelle, and that is a threatening thought to someone like Robyn, who is aiming to be Kody’s one and only. Even though Kody has declared that Robyn is the love of his life, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have true feelings for Janelle. There is no doubt that he is still sexually attracted to Janelle. Their closeness puts a wrench into the works for Robyn and her secret monogamous dream. 

Janelle and Kody had a mutual respect that was unparalleled to that of any of his other marriages, including Robyn’s. If I were Robyn, I wouldn’t want a woman like that anywhere near my husband. I believe she’s keeping her friends close but her enemies closer so she can keep an eye on the situation.

Kody noted that he and Janelle had gotten to know one another extremely well and formed a bond that he thought was unbreakable. It makes sense that Robyn is fearful of the connection and green with envy. 

Robyn Never Mentions Janelle in Confessionals

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It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Robyn avoids talking about Janelle in her private segments like she is avoiding the plague. While Robyn does go after Christine, Meri, and Janelle’s boys, the disliked housewife refuses to speak a bad word about Janelle. If Robyn were to complain to Kody about Janelle, it would be pointless, and Kody would see it as his favorite wife working against him and his dainty ego

It could be that the two just don’t see eye to eye. Robyn’s first issue with Janelle seemed to occur when Janelle pointed out that Robyn’s lackluster business idea, My Sister Wives Closet, wasn’t going to pay the bills. Since then, Robyn has always seemed irked by her competitor.

Whatever the case, Janelle knows where Robyn’s bones are buried, so Kody’s favorite partner better tread carefully.