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Mia Thornton Reflects on Changes in Her Relationship Before Separating

Many Real Housewives of Potomac fans weren’t shocked that Mia Thornton had decided to end her marriage to Gordon Thornton. “At this time, Gordon and I are separated, but my family is my number one priority, and I am committed to doing whatever it takes to make sure we are okay,” Mia previously said. The couple shares two children. Both Mia and Gordon each have a child from a prior relationship.

Of course, there are two sides to every story. Gordon’s side is that Mia just married him for his money. And when they hit the financial skids, Mia peaced out of the relationship.

Mia shares what went wrong in her marriage to Gordon

(Photo by: Shannon Finney/Bravo)

According to The Daily Dish, Mia unveiled a real surprise for Gordon during the most recent episode of RHOP. The couple was at a therapy session to discuss their marital issues. “We have recently gone through a financial change with our business, and having to downsize, and having to navigate a lot,” Mia explained.

In a confessional interview, Mia said, “The relationship between Gordon and I has definitely changed. Ever since Gordon was voted out of the family business, he’s been working a lot more because we were expanding our portfolio with other partnership groups, so it is causing a lot of tension inside of our marriage.” She added, “And, to me, spending time with the kids and having balance is so much better than us always working and then we look up and our kids are grown.”

Then Mia dropped a bombshell. She retained a divorce attorney “because [she] was going to be filing for divorce,” Mia told their therapist.

“I had no idea it had gotten that bad with her, that’s why I’m focusing on really trying to listen,” Gordon responded. “I told myself I won’t allow my children to hear Mommy and Daddy arguing,” she stated.

In a RHOP confessional, Mia explained the main source of tension. “Gordon had gotten to a point where he wasn’t listening to me, and I want Gordon to retire. Like, you said yourself, you don’t want to miss out on a second chance at being a great father, and you’re a phenomenal father,” Mia said. “Do that.”

Gordon wants to achieve his goals

But Gordon saw everything differently. “I wanted to get to a certain economic level, so that [Mia] and the kids would be set no matter what happened to me. I was almost there, so I was really pushing hard to get those last few nuggets,” he explained.

While Gordon wants to fill his time working, Mia just can’t accept his decision. “And it’s, like, f-cking with me, because it’s not the guy that I married,” she said.

But now, months later, Mia and Gordon spent Thanksgiving together with their children. She shared a video on her Instagram detailing their time together.

I’m glad that the couple can co-parent and spend a peaceful time together with their kids.

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