The Below Deck Head of Department Firings

(Photo by: Karolina Wojtasik/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images)

Almost every single season, a crew member is sent home early on Below Deck. The majority of these early departures tend to involve crew members who were way too green for their jobs. As yachts are powerful vessels, a newbie can quickly see situations onboard turn deadly. These firings have always made sense, as most lives are far more valuable than ratings.

In a lesser seen firing trend, crew members who were the opposite of green, aka the leaders, have also been axed. As for which department heads walked the plank prior to their season’s end, keep reading, and as always, #justiceforkiko.

Luke Jones – Bosun

Boujee Bravo Bitches/Instagram

Bosun Luke Jones appeared on the first half of Below Deck Down Under Season 2. When he failed to respect a crew members “no,” production, Captain Jason Chambers, and Aesha Scott all stepped in, saving Luke’s target from harm while the bosun was sent packing. Luke’s actions were gross, and as a human and a department head, he should have done better. Bye Luke, we’re all letting you go.

Ryan McKeown – Chef

Ryan McKeown/Instagram

Chef Ryan McKeown was a piece of work while appearing on Below Deck Down Under Season 1. Ryan’s attitude and ego were equally massive. He cooked what he wanted, giving lesser attentions to what the guests had actually asked for, and he also came for Aesha, which, no. When Captain Jason finally fired him, Ryan went out with a pasty white bang, flashing the yacht that had deemed him their worst “ass”et.

Chandler Brooks – Bosun


Bosun Chandler Brooks was a professional at eating ice cream while demanding respect over his authoritative position. However, his leadership skills were lacking. Feeling the pressure from his irritated deck team, Chandler actually replied that he was “so relieved” when being fired by Captain Lee Rosbach midway through Below Deck Season 5. We’re cutting our costs Chandler, we’ve spent too much time on you already.

Leon Walker – Chef


Chef Leon Walker loved beef cheeks and loathed Kate Chastain. Leon took their feud too far when passing the blame on to Kate after an oven fire in Season 3. Captain Lee gave Leon a plane ticket home, as clearly, the greasy oven, and Leon’s horrible attitude(s), were both of his own doing. Bye Leon, this job just wasn’t your right fit.

Mila Kolomeitseva – Chef

Andy Cohens Bussy (PK)/TikTok

Below Deck Mediterranean Season 4 introduced us to Chef Mila Kolomeitseva, horrible nachos, and steak licking scenes in the galley. Mila claimed that she was highly trained, yet her food always resembled something a Sim would produce, with one bar of cooking skills. Captain Sandy Yawn let Mila go, and everyone onboard was relieved. We’re making a change Mila, it’s you, and you’re hereby forever fired.

Hindrigo Lorran (KiKo) – Chef

Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

Chef Hindrigo Lorran‘s (Kiko) heart was made of gold, causing viewers to quickly fall in love with his presence on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5. That said, Captain Sandy often micromanaged his dishes. This saw Kiko’s self-esteem crushed, and as his precious tears fell, we yelled. Our yelling grew to calls for “security!” when Captain Sandy fired Kiko, bringing in Malia White‘s then-beau as his replacement.

Hannah Ferrier – Chief Stew


Chief Stew Hannah Ferrier and Captain Sandy worked poorly together for years. Neither cared for the other. Actually, for many of the viewers, it felt like Captain Sandy was always looking for a way in which to squeeze Hannah out. She finally got her chance just after she let Chef Kiko go, and on both of these situations, we stay annoyed.

Right after Hannah angered Malia, Captain Sandy’s pet, by refusing to give up her cabin for Malia’s oncoming chef beau, Malia snapped a photo of Hannah’s undeclared anxiety medications, cc’ing Captain Sandy in the process. Such a helper… Captain Sandy then fired Hannah, while multiple viewers mentally fired Captain Sandy and Malia in turn.

Raygan Tyler – Bosun

Bosun Raygan Tyler did the bare minimum on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7. Her organization and leadership skills sucked, and her deck team basically performed their duties without any input or guidance from her higher-ranking voice. After spending a day in bed sick from drinking way too much the night prior, Captain Sandy finally sent Raygan home. We’re Eliminating Your Position, Raygan (just kidding, it was happily given to Storm Smith).

Ruan Irving – Bosun

Ruan Irving/Instagram

Bosun Ruan Irving lasted a solid day on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 8. That’s right, he quit before he could get canned, while the boat was still being turned around by his newly-boarded deck team. This situation was so strange, and honestly, we’re not quite sure what we even believe on this matter. To explain, Ruan’s work documents were called into question, and as this is a liability, Ruan had to exit the yacht while he sorted out his paperwork back home.

The next day, Captain Sandy called Ruan, seeking an update on his return to the boat status. At this point, Ruan just decided to quit. Overall, this made Ruan seem like a liar in the court of public opinions. Wildly enough, after facing backlash online, Ruan decided to speak out, explaining his side of this questionable storyline.

Basically, Ruan stated that he was scammed, as he had indeed paid for and attended the necessary courses for his certification. “Lesson learned,” he finished his post. Ruan, we’re going to allow you to pursue other career opportunities now. You just lost your one shot at leading on Below Deck.