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Olivia Flowers Enjoyed Bahamas Trip With Austen Kroll and His ‘New Girlfriend’

Olivia Flowers is the pinnacle of gracious behavior in the face of an uncomfortable break up. Austen Kroll hooked up with her best friend, Taylor Ann Green, and the duo kept the secret from her. She came to know about it all while filming Southern Charm Season 9.

And while Olivia behaved respectfully to Austen and Taylor, she also set up her own boundaries and chose not to make amends with her former best friend.

Now, in real time, Olivia is once again showing how to be rock star post-split. And in this best case scenario, she even got a luxury getaway out of it. It pays to hang out with your exes sometimes.

Austen Kroll’s girlfriend joined Olivia and her new man on vacation

But there’s another element to this situation. During the November 30 episode of The Viall Files, Olivia revealed that she was in a new relationship. She also let it slip that Austen had a “new girlfriend.”

And the foursome all went on a beach vacation together. Here’s to modern, post-split friendships. Especially when there are free accommodations in paradise at stake. An inspiration for maturity for sure.

The conversation came up when Nick Viall asked Olivia when she last spoke with her ex-flame. She answered, “We have mutual friends that have this sick place in the Bahamas and he and I both got them in the divorce. So they invited us both on this trip with like a group of people. And we both went. I took the guy I’m seeing and he took his new girlfriend and we were able to put our bullsh*t aside.”

Perhaps when cameras are down, it’s easier for these exes to get along. Olivia spoke of the maturity of her friend group as helpful to be in Austen’s presence. But most importantly, the Southern Charm beauty feels that she’s most assuredly moved on from Austen, and even nurtures a “soft spot for the friendship.”

“We’re around these adults and people who don’t give a sh*t about the ‘Charm’ drama so we were in the Bahamas together. This was two weeks ago,” she explained.

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