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Watch: Kroy Biermann Erupts and Accuses Kim Zolciak of Cheating Amid ‘Destroyed’ Life

TW: This article will contain content including descriptions of domestic instability and a video of domestic dispute intervention via law enforcement.

It’s time for Kroy Biermann and Kim Zolciak to call the ball. They’ve passed the point of no return and are now living in a charade of violence, self-indulgent derangement, and debt. Also, the whole time their four minor children have been watching.

Recently one of the kids called 911 because their parents were so out of control. The body cam footage was just released and to say it’s disturbing and extremely concerning is being generous. TMZ has the details.

Someone needs to help those kids

Once again I cannot believe these people are allowed to be in charge of other human beings. At this point the only reality show Kimbo and Kroy are going to snag will be On Patrol: Live. Consequently, you can bet Real Housewives of Atlanta isn’t going near this raging dumpster fire.


On this episode of the McMansion of Sorrows, it looks like Kroy is having an actual nervous breakdown. The police video is very troubling and if this is even a slice of what the kids are seeing, there really needs to be some type of intervention.

Officers found Kroy shouting about how his life with Kim is over and he rants about their massive money issues. “Our life. Our life! And it’s f—king destroyed,” he began. “…We’re getting divorced one day and we’re not the next! She’s f—king other men,” Kroy yelled.

Then he calls Kim a narcissist, which might be true, but he willingly stays with her. He continues blathering on about their lack of money and the McMansion. “It’s nothing but an act. It’s all a bunch of bulls—t,” Kroy added. I mean, did he not expect this after marrying someone who had a Sugar Daddy and called him Big Poppa? The cops try and subdue him but Kroy is moderately out of control.

Kim’s hot take


Kimbo is sitting in a white Range Rover which makes one wonder why she isn’t crying in a Honda with all of their financial issues. Her side of the story is Kroy went nuts and was basically holding her hostage inside the house. “He’s just been screaming at me for like two hours like a crazy person,” Kim shared.

She claims she began walking down the street wearing her robe and trying to get help from the neighbors who you know are super tired of this shit now. “I was yelling for help from my neighbors, ‘Please somebody help me,’ I mentally, physically, emotionally cannot take it any longer.”

Kim now says Kroy wants to reconcile – again

The RHOA alum said before the blow-up, Kroy wanted to chat about their divorce. According to Kim, who is not a reliable source, Kroy wants to ditch divorce #2 even though he’s the one who filed the papers. Then she started saying how Kroy is mentally unstable and not the man she married.

During the discourse, officers managed to stick around and smooth things over. Ultimately Kimbo left and Kroy stayed with the kids for the remainder of the night. Honestly, both Kim and Kroy should be charged an enormous fee for wasting the time of local law enforcement who aren’t marriage counselors.

ONE WEEK after this drama, Kimbo and Kroy were spotted out on a “date” without a care in the world. Additionally, it would be nice if someone would think about the children being in this incredibly toxic and harmful environment. Neither of them are fit to parent.

For anonymous, confidential help, 24/7, please call the National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-7233 (SAFE) or  1-800-787-3224 (TTY).

If you are in immediate danger, call 911.