Ramona Singer
Photo by Dia Dipasupil/Getty Images

Luann de Lesseps Calls Out Ramona Singer for Controversial Instagram Post

2023 saw Ramona Singer take some hard hits as allegations of past on-set racism came to light. She was accused of calling a Black producer the n-word. Texts then showed her using a racial slur when trying to explain herself to a reporter.

Since these accusations came to light, her Real Housewives Ultimate Girls Trip: RHONY Legacy cast members have understandably done their best to distance themselves from her. Many have outright condemned her in no uncertain terms.

Now, going into 2024, Ramona has perhaps broken the record for the fastest controversy at the start of the New Year, and Luann de Lesseps had no problem dropping her criticism.

Luann slams Ramona on Instagram for lack of “self-awareness”

On January 1, Ramona took to Instagram to wish her followers “a blessed & happy new year!!” which would be innocuous enough. However, many IG users were taken aback by Ramona’s picture, including Luann. Ramona stood on a rustic fireplace which had a painting above the mantle. The painting showed a stereotypical depiction of an Indigenous American man.

In a comment, Luann asked, “Have you no self-awareness[?],” along with a shocked-face emoji. Presently, comments on the post have been limited, making it difficult to find any that still criticize Ramona for not only posing with the outdated painting but broadcasting it to the world.

One commenter noted, “I’m sure if you asked her about some indigenous history … she wouldn’t know WTF the question meant.” Other commenters tried to identify the painting’s name or artist, perhaps to try and validate Ramona’s choice to pose with it, but were unable to do so.

Many commenters claimed it was Sitting Bull, but that assumption just emphasizes the problem. Depictions like these create caricatures, encouraging non-Native audiences to lump Indigenous people into one homogenized, stereotyped image. The fact that Ramona limited comments on the post shows that she’s aware of the criticism. But, she’s not willing to self-reflect.

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