What Has Jen Shah Been Up To In Prison?

Jen Shah
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When Jen Shah was sent to prison, viewers worried that the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City would fail. Let’s be honest, Jen was at the center of most of the drama in the series. After being caught on the side of the road, the mother of two was found guilty of conspiracy to commit wire fraud after running a telemarketing scheme that defrauded elderly people out of thousands of dollars. Since then, Jen has been spending her time in a Federal prison, but she isn’t sitting there twiddling her thumbs. 

Jen Channels Jane Fonda


The former RHOSLC star is looking into ways to maintain her tight figure. In an attempt to keep her fellow inmates in shape, including Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, Jen decided to become a fitness instructor. According to Page Six, Jen is very involved in running a workout class, which includes a killer ab section. 

The Shah-mazing performance runs for about 30 to 60 minutes and includes a bit of cardio and hip flexing workouts. Needless to say, the ladies work up quite the sweat. It turns out Jen has built up a little name for herself as an incarcerated fitness guru. “As she went in, she lost a good amount of weight,” Jen’s manager revealed. “She developed the Shah-mazing abs class…All the ladies started coming up to her on the yard, and they would do workout segments.”

Jen and Elizabeth Are Bffs

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Jen was a very charismatic personality while on the Real Housewives of Salt Lake City. However, her angry outbursts have lost her a friend or two. However, in prison, Jen has learned she can’t just yell and scream at those around her. With the arrival of Elizabeth, it seems that Jen may have found a kinship with the disgraced Silicon Valley scammer. 

Jen Is Making Do Without a Glam Squad

Jen Shah
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It appears that even in a cell block Jen has found a way to slay and help the other women as well. Jen has “also stocked up on foundation she purchased from the commissary to give glam tutorials she’s learned over the years from being in showbiz.” According to her manager Jen has really helped some of the ladies hone their skills. 

Library Jen

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Jen is making the most of her education by helping to tutor her fellow inmates and give ESL classes. The Bravo star also spends her time reading self-help books and hopes to one day write her own story. Reading also helps pass the time as she is currency serving six and half years behind bars. Jen is also known to pray and work in the library, earning her a really good rapport with the other inmates who seem to trust her. 

Jen’s Time in Prison Has Been Shortened

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Even though Jen was sentenced nearly a year ago it seems her time behind bars is flying by. After entering the Texas facility in Febuary 2023, Jen’s sentence has been reduced twice. It seems a bit odd for such a heinous crime, but isn’t too unusual. If Jen actively participates in completes certain programs, she can increase her chances of an earlier release and gain other benefits. 

Jen was first scheduled to be released in 2029, but her date was moved forward about a year in the blink of an eye. Then, in March, the Bureau of Prisons listed her release date as July 1, 2028. It hasn’t gone unnoticed that Jen has been acting like a model prisoner, and she is clearly hoping the change of character pays off in the long run. 

Jen Still Has a husband…for Now

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Sharrieff Shah is said to visit his wife often and the couple still talk as much as they can on the phone. Despite being only ten months into her sentence, a rep for the couple told People that Sharrieff is totally behind Jen. The rep noted, “Jen and Coach Shah are doing really well. There are still ups and downs, of course, due to the long distances but their marriage is still going strong.”