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Rachel Leviss Says James Kennedy Would ‘Kick’ and ‘Antagonize’ Their Dog Graham

TW: This article contains content involving alleged animal abuse

Rachel Leviss is coming clean on a lot of things since leaving Vanderpump Rules, and that’s her prerogative. After a long break from television and social media, she’s introduced a new podcast called Rachel Goes Rogue that dropped today.

In Chapter 1, Rachel covers some details of her relationship with James Kennedy. He might be the #1 guy in the group to some, but veteran Pump Rules viewers also know he has a tumultuous past. Now Rachel speaks on the dog they shared and how James allegedly treated the pup.

“James was not a good dog owner”

There’s no denying James is a funny guy. His gift of comedic timing has gotten him out of quite a few snags. That said, he also has a documented history of being a douche and he’s displayed erratic tendencies. Neither of these qualities goes well with having an animal in your home.

On Graham (now identifying as Hippie), Rachel said, “The truth of the matter is that James was not a good dog owner. In the way that James would taunt Graham. And he would just antagonize him. He would kick Graham off the couch when he was sleeping and not expecting it, so that would shock him.”

Unfortunately, if you take some of James’ previous actions on camera, it’s not so difficult to believe he may or may not have been worse off-camera. She added, “He would encourage Graham to bite his hands. And it really reinforced that biting behavior with Graham, and the moments where he [James] did drink too much and he was unhinged and yelling, Graham would hide under the couch. And dogs pick up on that kinda energy, so I’m sure that played a part in his behavior.”

She didn’t want to be a “nag”

While Rachel would try and stop James from allegedly aggravating Graham/Hippie, she also didn’t want to be a nag. “I would do my best to stop James from tormenting Graham, but I felt myself nagging him. And my mom used to nag when I grew up and I don’t wanna be like my mom. So I would nag and nag. Then I would stop and express to him that this was really bothering me,” Rachel explained.

Welp. She kind of had me until that moment. The last thing I would care about if my partner were abusing an innocent animal is whether or not I am nagging.

This is obviously a sensitive subject and James has yet to respond. I in no way see Ally Lewber co-signing any dog or cat mistreatment because she’s pretty obsessed with her four-legged friends. But James has been unhinged on VPR in the past and was even fired from his DJ gig at SUR for his behavior. Hopefully, Graham/Hippie is now living his best life and no longer hiding under the sofa.

Vanderpump Rules returns with Season 11 on January 30 at 8/7c on Bravo.