Dorit Kemsley’s Most Clueless Moments

Dorit Kemsley in a RHOBH Season 13 Chanel confessional look.
(Photo Credit: Bravo via YouTube)

For a long time, since Season 7, Dorit Kemsley has been sticking her foot in her mouth and finding herself in many sticky situations. Between her fake accent and ability to please people, fans of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills weren’t convinced they were going to like the newbie. However, somewhere along the lines, she changed viewers’ minds. But RHOBH Season 13 is once again showing everything fans detested about the mother of two, including her privilege and her inability to learn from her mistakes. 

Dorit’s Unconscious Karen Behavior

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

As Garcelle Beauvais pointed out in a recent episode, there is a pattern with Dorit when it comes to inadvertently or purposefully using words that are known to trigger certain ethnic groups. During the conversation, the Coming to America star noted, “There are certain words when you point them at me it has a completely different impact. There are three words you don’t say to Black women. You don’t say aggressive, you don’t say attack, and you don’t say angry because that’s labeling us.” During a group gathering, Dorit used the word “attacked” when speaking to Garcelle. The actress wasn’t standing for the disrespect

Garcelle explained, “What I feel is there’s a pattern with you that I don’t know whether you’re aware or not, but I’m just going to be completely blunt: it feels like an unconscious Karen behavior with you.” While staring at her untouched salad, Dorit decided to respond instead of digesting the feedback, telling her friend, “Just for the record, I didn’t attack you, we were having a conversation.” Dorit’s lack of accountability is really going to end up biting her in the ass. 

Dorit’s Inappropriate Laughter

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

During Season 12, Garcelle’s sons had a major part in the series as they kept popping up, but during an event, Erika Jayne took it upon herself to drunkenly curse at Jax, who was only 15 at the time. The entire moment was upsetting, but when retelling the story to her husband, PK Kemsley, and Mauricio Umansky, Dorit was caught laughing at the moment. Bravo cameras caught them laughing at the whole scenario during a dinner. 

Even though Garcelle shared how upset she was by the scene, it took a lot for Dorit to apologize. Clueless to the mother of three’s annoyance, Dorit stood firm, noting that she wasn’t laughing at Jax being yelled at but rather how drunk Erika was. Semantics Dorit, semantics. 

Dorit Explains Her Multicultural Home

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

In another “what was Dorit thinking” moment, the mother of two once tried to prove that she had a house full of different cultures. However, she only made herself look extremely out of touch with the world around her.

While at a luncheon Dorit shared, “We’ve had a lot of people that have worked for us who are very multicultural. I’ve had a lot of Black and Hispanic and Filipino.” Not missing a beat at the time, Garcelle asked, “But are there brown people only helping at your house?” In an attempt to seem woke, Dorit proudly shared, “No, in fact, my mother’s best friend is Black.”

An exhausted Garcelle could only answer with sarcasm, saying, “Awesome, I just wanted to clarify that.” Dorit couldn’t see how clueless she portrayed herself especially if she thought that her hired staff were her friends. 

Dorit’s Microaggression Post

Dorit Kemsley/Instagram

After the Season 13 episode showed her showdown with Garcelle and being told she “lives in a bubble,” Dorit took her to social media to share a post that came across as extremely tone-deaf. In an attempt to take back the narrative, Dorit cluelessly posted a photo of herself with the caption “happily living in my bubble.” Unbeknownst to her, the post didn’t do what she thought it would as fans took aim.

One follower commented, “Respectfully – This comes across as tone deaf, but worse, not caring that you’re tone deaf.” Another added, “It’s giving white victim syndrome.” To add insult to injury, it didn’t go unnoticed that Dorit’s sweatshirt read “90s Supermodel,” meanwhile Garcelle was actually a supermodel in the 90s. It was a two birds-with-one-stone moment, with many believing this should be Dorit’s last season.