All the Past and Present RHOBH Housewives Ranked

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills
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Many Housewives have come and gone in the 13 years Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been on the air. And while some RHOBH ladies have solidified their place in the Bravo Hall of Fame, others left us asking, “Who?” Not every housewife is created equal, so we decided to rank them. Here are all the RHOBH Housewives ranked from worst to best.

Kathryn Edwards (Worst)

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Kathryn Edwards was a one-hit wonder on RHOBH. She only lasted one season before the network gave her the boot, Us Weekly reported. Her arc on the show was short-lived and mostly forgettable despite having a pretty juicy backstory.

Her feud with Faye Resnick and her connection to the OJ Simpson trial did make for a couple of compelling episodes, but overall we weren’t impressed with her performance on the show.

Joyce Giraud

(Joyce Giraud/Instagram)

Joyce Giraud was another one-season housewife. The beauty queen joined the cast for Season 4 but was sadly driven out of town by an angry mob led by Brandi Glanville. Kidding!

Joyce spent most of her time on RHOBH fighting with Brandi, who made it her personal mission to haze the new girl. Their rift (based on nothing) got old and wasn’t fun to watch. Joyce seems lovely but wasn’t the right fit for the show.

Diana Jenkins

(Diana Jenkins/Instagram)

All we can say is, “Eh.” Diana Jenkins joined RHOBH for Season 12 but did not return for Season 13.

The 50-year-old caused unnecessary drama and didn’t feel like a natural fit in the group. However, Erika Jayne hijacking Diana’s boyfriend’s performance of “O Holy Night” will forever be one of our favorite moments.

Carlton Gebbia

(Carlton Gebbia/Instagram)

Carlton Gebbia was the first and last Wiccan to appear on RHOBH. Honestly, we liked Carlton. She was funny, her house was insane, and she wasn’t afraid to fight with the OGs. Unfortunately, she did not blend well with the group, so she only lasted one season. We didn’t see enough of Carlton to place her higher on this list. 

Annemarie Wiley

(Annemarie Wiley/Instagram)

Annemarie Wiley is the newest addition to RHOBH. She joined the cast for Season 13. So far, we’ve only seen her question Sutton Stracke‘s medical history and suck up to Kyle Richards. However, we have faith that she will be a good housewife. She’s fun and isn’t afraid to stir the pot.

Adrienne Maloof

(Adrienne Maloof/Instagram)

Adrienne Maloof helped kick off the show in 2010. She was one of the original diamond holders and lasted three seasons before departing from the series. Adrienne’s OG status instantly makes her an icon, but when we really look at her performance on the show, we’re underwhelmed.

Teddi Mellencamp

(Teddi Mellencamp/Instagram)

Teddi Mellencamp was a divisive character on RHOBH. Some fans loved her, others thought she was bringing down the show. Overall, she didn’t stick out as much as some other women.

Eileen Davidson

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Eileen Davidson joined RHOBH in Season 5 as the beautiful soap opera star who knew Lisa Rinna. The actress was present for some of the most iconic RHOBH moments, including the infamous Amsterdam dinner party where Kim Richards called her a beast.

Eileen was likable, smart, and normal. But unfortunately, being normal is the kiss of death for a Real Housewife. She usually responded to situations reasonably and gracefully, which was boring for viewers.

Crystal Kung Minkoff

(Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram)

Crystal Kung Minkoff came in hot when she joined the cast for Season 11. Who could forget when Sutton dragged her for her “ugly leather pants?” But since then, she’s taken a backseat. She’s rarely involved in drama anymore. We’re hoping Crystal steps it up next season.

Denise Richards

(Denise Richards/Instagram)

Denise Richards was a fun addition to RHOBH. We loved learning more about her personal life and her marriage to Charlie Sheen. However, Denise seemed to have a lot of rules on RHOBH. Certain topics felt entirely off-limits, and viewers sensed she wasn’t being transparent about her life.

Taylor Armstrong

(Taylor Armstrong/Instagram)

Taylor Armstrong was an OG RHOBH star and helped make the show what it is today. The Kansas native was going through hell in her marriage but still delivered some unforgettable TV moments.

Yolanda Hadid

(Yolanda Hadid/Instagram)

Yolanda Hadid felt like a natural fit for the group, which made her a great housewife. She seemed to form real friendships with the women, most notably Kim and Brandi. Yolanda gave the show new energy and wasn’t afraid to stick up for herself. Yolanda’s journey ended on a sour note, with Lisa Rinna accusing her of having Munchausen syndrome, but we choose to remember the fun moments.

Dorit Kemsley

(Dorit Kemsley/Instagram)

Dorit Kemsley has earned her flowers. The mother-of-two has given us some truly iconic moments during her time on RHOBH. We love her long-winded speeches and her truly impossible-to-place accent. She’s just a joy.

Garcelle Beauvais

(Garcelle Beauvais/Instagram)

Garcelle Beauvais feels like the Carrie Bradshaw of RHOBH right now. She’s single, fun, and giving serious main character energy. We love her friendship with Sutton and her relationship with her two sons. She’s unproblematic, beautiful, and a confessional queen. What more could you ask for?

Camille Grammer

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Camille Grammer hosted the dinner party from hell, so of course, she’s going to be high on this list. Camille is the OG villain of RHOBH. Her feud with Kyle will always be iconic. And who could forget when she said, “The morally corrupt Faye Resnick.” Legend.

Sutton Stracke

(Sutton Stracke/Instagram)

Sutton Stracke’s journey from outcast to fan favorite has been a whirlwind. The Georgia native has done a total 180 since her rough first season. Everything Sutton says is hilarious, and she’s become the most fun to watch. From wearing a cat sweater on a date to her infamous “name ’em” moment, she’s giving us exactly what we need.

Erika Jayne

(Erike Jayne/Instagram)

Erika “Jayne” Girardi has been through hell and back on RHOBH. Her life could seriously be a movie. We think she got it right when she said, “I’m an enigma.” Like, yeah, she is!! The housewife turned pop star always keeps us on our toes. From asking what empathy is to interrupting Diana’s boyfriend’s “O Holy Night” performance (Yes, we are bringing that up again!!!!), she keeps us entertained.

Brandi Glanville

(Brandi Glanville/Instagram)

The queen of mess. Brandi Glanville put all other villains to shame during her time on RHOBH. We would hate to be on the receiving end of Brandi’s vitriol, but we love watching it from the safety of our couch.

Kim Richards

(Kim Richards/Instagram)

What would RHOBH be without the Richards sisters? Kim Richards has been present for so many legendary moments, including the Amsterdam dinner, the bunny regifting, and the limo fight. She’s funny without trying and makes perfect TV just by existing.

Lisa Rinna

(Lisa Rinna/Instagram)

Lisa Rinna joined the cast of RHOBH for Season 5, and the world was never the same. Love her or hate her, you can’t deny that Rinna EARNED her paycheck. The actress was willing to do or say anything to create drama. The show simply isn’t the same without her. It’s safe to say Rinna has earned her spot in the Bravo Hall of Fame.

Lisa Vanderpump

(Lisa Vanderpump/Instagram)

Lisa Vanderpump reigned over RHOBH for 8 seasons. The fact that Season 9 is what ended Vanderpump’s journey on the show is heartbreaking. Seriously, OVER A DOG??? Vanderpump always felt like the matriarch of RHOBH, and the show definitely feels different without her. She will always be one of the best to ever play the game.

Kyle Richards

(Kyle Richards/Instagram)

We can’t imagine RHOBH without Kyle Richards. Cancel the show if she ever leaves. Kyle has given us so much throughout the years. She knows how to make good television, from family drama to friend drama. Kyle is the last OG standing, and we need to give her props for that.