The Hidden Importance of Crystal’s Health Scare On RHOBH

Crystal Minkoff
(Photo by Amy Sussman/Getty Images)

Crystal Kung Minkoff has had an interesting Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 13, thanks to her feud with Annemarie Wiley. The rookie has rubbed Crystal the wrong way, including making unwarranted comments about eating disorders. These outlandish remarks have forced Crystal to come out of her shell and give the newbie a piece of her mind. Annemarie has prided herself on her medical background and as a nurse anesthetist. Howeverm neither woman thought that they would need to rely on one another during their trip to Spain.

For the past few seasons, Crystal has been the quiet friend who often sat back and analyzed the situation. But RHOBH Season 13 has shown that Crystal is no longer willing to take a back seat to anyone, including her health. The mother of two has always been upfront about her past issues with an eating disorder and has taken to educating those around her on the subject. Now, after Crystal’s health scare during the Season 13 trip to Spain, she may be adding high blood pressure to the list too.  

What Were Crystals Symptoms?


On the bus ride up to a Spanish chapel, Crystal started to not feel like herself. Viewers watched as the sprinter van pulled over at a precarious part of the cliffside so Crystal could vomit. Crystal became dizzy and nauseous, which immediately alerted everyone around her to the fact that something wasn’t okay. After grabbing some water for rehydration, Crystal noted through tears, “These are like stroke symptoms.” Crystal was white as a sheet, and her veins were popping out of her hands. Her symptoms indicated she was severely dehydrated. 

The rest of the women became concerned. “She’s gray, she’s sweaty, her hands are swollen, her veins are raised,” Dorit Kemsley said. “What if something is truly wrong with her?” Thankfully, Annemarie was able to put their differences aside and take charge of the situation. She ushered Crystal to the air conditioned van where she could lie down. Annemarie noted that her frienemy was in a “hypertensive crisis” that could lead to a potential stroke.

Is Crystal Okay Now?

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

Thankfully, Crystal was taken to the hospital, where she received an IV drip and was later released back to her hotel. Crystal’s blood pressure was high at 177 over 30, and she admitted “I didn’t know it could get to this point.” Luckily, she did not have a diagnosed stroke but was faced with her own mortality. “It was so scary,” she said. “My dad had always told me the signs to watch out for a stroke. Some people can’t come back. I’ve never been faced with my own mortality. How could I leave my young family at 40 years old if that happened to me?”

The entire scenario really shook Crystal. She was only drinking water during the do-it-yourself Paella meal and went to bed early. So, Crystal’s health scare really came as a shock. The ladies rallied for her and understood that she had to put her well-being ahead of a late-night fiesta. 

Crystal Learned a Lesson

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

In the episode, Crystal mentioned that she isn’t usually sick and often finds excuses to blame, like jet lag or not getting enough sleep. But she learned a valuable lesson, which is to always listen to your body. By asking for help, she made a big step forward to break the stereotype of having to be perfect as a housewife. Many housewives in the past have pushed through parties or dinners just to have their time on the camera.

Crystal did not and actually brought awareness to the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure and a stroke. One in five women will have a stroke in their lifetime, and it is so important to keep up to date with medical checkups and medicines. Even though Crystal went through a very scary situation, she was brave to let herself be filmed. The incident will probably help save a lot of people who were watching the show. Well done, Crystal!