How Crystal Kung Minkoff Stood Out This Season

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After joining the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills during Season 11, Crystal Kung Minkoff had to download and digest a lot of the women’s personalities very quickly. For her first season, Crystal was rather quiet, only hinting at the inner circle she ran with. Her passion for her culture shined through and immediately, I wanted to know more about her. Understandably, the dynamic of the 90210 series was hard to embrace at first. However, RHOBH Season 13 is showing a whole new Crystal, and I want more! 

Crystal Has Opinions

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

Crystal definitely ate her Wheaties for breakfast before filming because she is stronger than ever this season, making sure not to hold back. I was literally left picking my jaw up off the floor as I watched Crystal come for Annemaire Wiley. The newbie has offended Crystal one too many times, even accusing a co-star of having an eating disorder and then lying about it. Even though the rookie feels she made Crystal relevant with a storyline, the first Asian-American housewife is not letting her comments slide. 

Already, Crystal has called Annemarie a “bit*h” for trying to hide behind her lies. But it feels like there is way more to the story. The fight ensued after Annemarie tried to change the story. She claimed Crystal was the one who insinuated Sutton Stracke had an issue with food. “Are you out of your mind?” Crystal shot back.

I knew Crystal won the argument when she said, “You literally spent two hours talking about Sutton to where Garcelle and I literally had to leave because it was so annoying,” and production backed her up with shady clips. 

Crystal Embraces Her Crown

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

High, tilted selfie and all, Crystal has no problem embracing the “dramatic millennial” nickname she was given by Kyle Richards. As a fellow Millennial, I appreciate how Crystal knows her worth and knows exactly what point she is trying to argue. She is familiar with semantics and facts, which makes it easier to address issues with the elders of the group, even when they look like deer in the headlights. Millennials often get mocked for their entitlement or lack of work ethic, but I see none of that in Crystal.

Quite the opposite, actually. Season 13 has shown Crystal time and time again speaking louder but more assertively. She might have been bidding her time in previous seasons, but she is no longer accepting the role of the 90210 women’s punching bag.

As much as some RHOBH viewers feel that she is boring, I would argue Crystal is also calmer and more logical compared to the 50-plus demographic that is her co-stars. Not that she doesn’t get emotional, but she isn’t the crazy, drunk, screaming lady that so many Real Housewives are. For me, and maybe it’s just another dumb Millennial’s opinion but it’s about the balance. I mean, imagine a show with six Brandi Glanvilles; it just wouldn’t work. 

Crystal Has First Chair Energy

Crystal Kung Minkoff/Instagram

This season, Crystal is giving leading lady vibes, which I hope she continues to bring all the way up to the RHOBH Season 13 reunion. The mother of two isn’t taking any prisoners, thanks to her new lease on life, and is making sure to put the women who screw with her on notice.

A recent episode showed Annemarie once again trying to put Crystal in the hot seat as she alleged that Crystal told her the group was uneducated. Naturally, Dorit Kemsley felt slighted by the allegation, making a snide comment of her own, saying, “You’re nowhere near more educated than the rest of us. And by the way, child bride, while you were busy getting married at 12, the rest of us were building businesses, graduating college, doing things—you know—to educate ourselves.”

Dorito’s microaggression didn’t go unanswered as Crystal took to her Instagram to share some marriage advice. Under her wedding photo, she wrote, “Set aside quality time together. Express love and appreciation. Manage conflict constructively. Buy, don’t borrow diamond necklaces for your wife.”

I swear I almost spat out my champs as I realized it was a clear dig at Dorit’s husband after he put together a surprise dinner that included a luxury necklace, to which he noted, “Don’t get too excited about this because it’s on loan.” Seriously, I need this Crystal all the time. ALL THE TIME.